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Maria and the Violin's String
Ashram Lyrics

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Andreea Petcu

Great music!

Andreea Petcu

Great music!

Robby Rabago

Shoutout to the ones that came here from the amnesia backstory from reddit

Haggis PK

Eyyy! I was hoping to find someone along this pathway!

Giulia Ferrucci

I actually think that this video is really good.
When you see ballet, you only witness its superficial beauty, its outer shell. The world of professional dance is harsh and cruel, it breaks you if you're not strong enough. You need to pour endless blood, tears and effort into making perfect a body that was born to be flawed. It's a constant chase, a competition, a display of masked insecurities.

This video showed it kind of well. And it went with the music, too

Scorpion Flower

Lets just ignore this video and focus on this beautiful instrumental piece

Enrique Pascual

The video is perfect.

Scorpion Flower

@Solange Delaloye A video can have a good message and still be bad (because of small budget, bad production values etc)

Solange Delaloye

The video is perfect if you understand the message.

Ross G.

yeah better

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