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Obliterate My Fate
Asphyxia Lyrics

Couplet (x2) :
I will muzzle you with wires, I will make your limbs collapse
I will stay awake for you reading your children's tales
Prepare yourself because you'll struggle against pain
I would rather stop by now but you're driving me insane

Refrain (x2) :
I do not deserve to remain here anyway
I beg you, don't pretend to help me out
Just let me think alone about what I've done
Now I have to go away and live on my own

Don't tell me that you care, don't cry like the kid you were
Don't try to heal my wounds, don't think about me once
I finally found out who you are
I'm starting to realize you obliterated my fate

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Comments from YouTube:


The world has gotten so dark these days, I've recently found myself coming back to this vibe

꧁Snip-Snip Tear꧂

Not much of a techno listener but this song is awesome! The melody and bassline is very moving with the vocals adds a touch of dark.


One of my new fav bands, and I am primarily a metal head


Welcome to the dark side! We have Cookies and fucking good music


Llevo Mucho Tiempo Escuchando esta pista y me encanta. Recomienden más música similar


This song got me to and from work, for a year straight!


This song is Epic

Us3r Cr0ft 倖存者

Essa musica é foda pra Karalho!


No merezco quedar aquí de cualquier manera Por vida, no finja echarme una mano Simplemente déjeme pensar a solas acerca de lo que he hecho Ahora tengo que irme y vivir por mí mismo


los últimos segundos son brutales

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