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ATEEZ Lyrics

All eyes on me now
If you still doubt mine
It's too pointless
We're still young and wild
We gonna find new world to be mine

지도가 부르는 곳 그 섬은 곧
만인의 꿈이자 겁
끝에 꿈꾸는 시작 날개를 펴고
영원히 철없게 like Peter

터질듯한 심장을 pump it up
풀린듯한 주먹을 꽉 쥐어
자 열린다 진실의 문, 그 앞에서
부숴버릴 듯이 we on fire

너는 여기서 멈출 텐가
그토록 원하던 것이 여기에 oh
다시 돌아올 수 없어도
Oh, we must going on

가자 eh, oh, eh, oh, eh
끝이 기다리는 시작으로

On my, my way 모두 발을 맞추고
On my, my way 하나 둘 하면 뛰어
On my, my way 없는 길도 만들어
어서 가자 어서 가자
끝이 기다리는 시작으로

(Freeze all)
Ready now for next journey
숨 참고 달려 내가 달려가는 get money
I got a win 더 외쳐대
Acre보다 크게 쳐버리는 탬버린

잭 스패로우보다 높이
가라고 나 가라고 난 흔들림 없이
때려 bang bang 단번에 숨이
마치 down with us, get it going

터져버려도 상관없어 난
지금 이곳은 끝의 시작

자 열린다 진실의 문, 그 앞에서
부숴버릴 듯이 we on fire

너는 여기서 멈출 텐가
그토록 원하던 것이 눈앞에 oh
다시 돌아올 수 없어도
Oh, we must going on

가자 eh, oh, eh, oh, eh
끝이 기다리는 시작으로

On my, my way 모두 발을 맞추고
On my, my way 하나 둘 하면 뛰어
On my, my way 없는 길도 만들어

어서 가자 어서 가자
끝이 기다리는 시작으로

Breaking the wall, oh, oh (oh, oh)
누군가는 (누군가는)
가야 할 곳 (가야 할 곳)
쉽지만은 않더라도

그 이유가 우린 맘에 들어

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh 뛰어 뛰어
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh 뛰어 뛰어
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh 뛰어 뛰어

어서 가자 어서 가자
끝이 기다리는 시작으로

On my, my way 모두 발을 맞추고
On my, my way 하나 둘 하면 뛰어
On my, my way 없는 길도 만들어

어서 가자 어서 가자
끝이 기다리는 시작으로

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Peermusic Publishing
Written by: Yong Hwan Kim, Su Min Lee, Jong Hun Oh, Min Seop Kim, Hong Joong Kim, Min Gi Song

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

Ivy Hurtado

Hola y bienvenida si gustas puedes escuchar sus primeros álbumes para que te enamores más de sus canciones
Si quieres conocer la personalidad de cada miembro te recomiendo que veas sus realitys.
Treasure film
Fever road(se encuentra en su canal principal llamado Ateez y está subtitulado en español
Salary lupin
Ateez wanted (tiene 2 temporadas la primera la encuentras en YouTube y la segunda en su canal principal ATEEZ subtitulado en español)
También tienen programas como invitados en weekly idol.
Y el último reality que tienen es stressor things este lo encuentras en Yighwa subs ella tradujo todo los capítulos.
Si quieres ver sus actuaciones mira el programa Kingdom en el canal de mnet se encuentran sus presentaciones
Perdón por alargar el texto 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Espero que te sientas cómoda y cualquier cosa puedes preguntar aquí tod@s nos ayudamos

Tanu Yadav

For those who are new to ATEEZ or new Atinys. This is my list of fav ATEEZ songs. You can choose among these according to your music taste😂:

Deja Vu
The leaders

Dreamers (Japanese Album)
Dancing like Butterfly wings
Eternal sunshine
Time of love
Thank u

Cool and Powerful:
The Real
Pirate King
Say my name
Hala Hala
Good Lil boy
Don't Stop
Black Cat Nero (I recommend their live performance from immortal songs)

When you feel alone or want to cry:
Be with you
Take me home
Not too late
My way

Many emotions:
Declaration (it's only melody)

For Atinys:
Star 117
One day at a time

A little Space (ATEEZ X Pentatonix)
Summer Taste (ATEEZ X Rain X Brave girls X Monsta X)
Album - Season Songs (ATEEZ X Kim Jongkook)

Hope you enjoy!❤️


If you are looking for a guide the one by ETINI is the best (it was re-uploaded on another channel)
Their lives are crazy good!
I recommend you check their Immortal song performances- they won 3 times making them the group with the most Immortal song wins! Their Kingdom performances are a must as well as award performances, KCON, etc.
Also 4 of the members debuted as actors in a drama called Imitation (drama about the lives of Kpop idols and the industry) - Yunho is the second lead :))
Here are their Reality shows:
- KQ Fellaz - pre-debut
- Code name is ATEEZ - pre-debut
- ATEEZ Wanted
- ATEEZ Long Journey
- Treasure Film
- ATEEZ 82 Challenges
- Kids teaching idol
- Boatta
- Fever Road- Salary Lupin
- ATEEZ Holiday
- Pirate reboot
- Ssap Dance
- Wonderwall
- The man of the Pirate king
- DND (Do not disturb)
- 기생충 Challenge Double up
- Wanted Special
- Stressor things
- The vikings
They often have albums with double title track realises
Here are Ateez's Music Videos in Order:
Treasure era
- Intro: Long Journey
- Pirate King
- Treasure
- Say my name - prequel to Treasure
- Hala, hala
- Promise
- Illusion
- Wave
- Aurora
- Wonderland
- Utopia - Japanese ver.
- Answer
- Answer Japanese ver.
- Outro: Long Journey
Fever era - prequel to the Treasure era
- Diary film
- Inception
- Thanxx
- Black cat Nero
- Call me anytime
- Fireworks
- Celebrate
- Time of love
- Still here - Japanese
- Hanryang (only dancing in it)
- Dreamers - Japanese
- Taste of summer - Pepsi collab
- Little space feat Pentatonix
- Do you want to see the sea feat Kim Jongkook
- White love
- If without you
- Deja vu
- Eternal sunshine
- Turbulence
- The real
- The letter
- Don't stop
They also have a pre-debut MV for the song "From" (you can see how HG creates it in KQ Fellaz)
Please watch them only on KQ ent channel - their official one!
All of their songs/albums and videos are connected to eachother and to their storyline which is big and thought about before their debut!
The members also have solo contents on their channel and many other stuff if you want to check out :))))))

All comments from YouTube:

Park Jimin

"I dOnT gIvE a ShIt"

-Words of wisdom, by Yeosang 2019

im stressed but ur not surprised to hear that

he said 상관 없어 which just means “i dont care”

Gayatri Bodade

Atiny what wrong with u all we have to vote everyday for mama why are we lagging so much behind I really wanted them to perform/ be at mama this year .we only have just one day right now every one come together pls be fast and tell as many PPL as possible I have voted from all my acc. And from my friends and families account and that too everyday .
Each and every one share as many PPL as possible. And vote from as much as acct as possible.




@iamapirate what about the other groups? Didn't their fandoms have more days for str3aming??


@I-Land until 18th of April 23:59 kst.

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Staggering parasite

As someone who has no idea who the hell these people are, I can confidently say this is one of the most powerful performances I’ve seen

Hoongjoongs wife~

@Staggering parasite i hope your an atiny by now but if your not please be one, you will never regret stanning them!!

Obito Uchiha


Soggy Tomales

I said the thing when I 1st found this video😂

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