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Commission's Report
by Atilla the Hun

The report of the Commission of inquiry has arrived in this colony
The report of the Commission of inquiry has arrived in this colony
It touches health and sanitation, housing, wages and education
It states that the riots were terrible and declares but allow us responsible

Through the unrest that we had recently, a Commission was sent from the mother country
To investigate and probe carefully, the cause of the riots in this colony
They accumulated a bulk of evidence, I cannot speak of their competence
But I can see and defend and declare the report was a revelation to me

They criticise our ex-governor
The beloved Sir Murchison Fletcher
And Howard Nankiwell, they said that he
Had uttered speeches wrong to a marked degree
They castigated him severely
Our ex-Colonial Secretary
But all these things just appear to me
An example of English diplomacy

They said, through the evidence they had
That the riots started in Fyzabad
By the hooligan element under their leader
A fanatic Negro called Butler
Who uttered speeches inflammatory
And caused disorders in this colony
The only time they found the police was wrong
Was when they stay too long to shoot people down

A peculiar thing of this Commission
In that Ninety two lines of dissertation
Is there no talk of exploitation
Of the worker or his tragic condition
Read through the pages, there is no mention
Of capitalistic oppression
Which leads one to entertain a thought
And wonder if it's a one-sided report

Contributed by Jordan L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.

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