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Shine Your Own Light
Atlas Volt Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Atlas Volt:

Dreamweaver of the Dreamscape How can you be sure you'll be saved? Only by the…
History Is Written In Blood It’s no mystery We haven’t learned a thing From all the agon…
Taken By the Tide Growing tide of convergence Won’t turn around and let you fl…

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Comments from YouTube:

Farouq Omaro

I've been using dynamo lamps on my bicycles for years. Never knew how the inside of a dynamo looked like. Thanks!


I just needed to know how exactly should I position the generator and needed some tips on how to make it run more smooth, but I ended up here and I'm not even disappointed xD I find this video quite relaxing. Nice job, what you did there 🙃

Malcolm Macmillan Macmillan

It's good. It's like an oily rag restoration to make it match the rest of the bike. That's quite nice that not everything is getting over restored and too shiny. Sometimes it is nice to see some patina and age on bikes

Francis J. Fox

~ Marvelous ~~

You make soldering look so easy!

Jisha Babu

Wonderful, rewind of my childhood, i was showing this to my son while telling him whats a cycle dynamo.

NSE nifty bankniftyTrader

what did he say?????? he will use this instead of all modern tech?

Subbu2020 Subbu

Without dynamo light raiding my father cycle one night time i paid fine rs.10/- to police
Beautiful remember thanks for video

michael brinks

Maybe run the lights directly from a 6v small cheap rechargeable Nicad battery pack and use the generator to keep the battery pack charged. That way the lights won't go out when you're stopped. Just add some proper gauge wire & an on off switch. You really wouldn't have to worry about overcharging the battery pack since it's cheap. You could add a $5 digital LED voltage display that would let you know the voltage and if it's getting overcharged. If the dynamo is only spinning when the lights are on being powered from the battery, it shouldn't over charge it.

Sourav Bhattacharyya

Very nice, you could have immersed the casings, supports, nuts and bolts in kerosene for some time before sanding and buffing to make your work a bit easier. Anyways, superb project.


Great work. Thanks for my childhood memories👍

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