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Au-Dessus Lyrics

We build the barriers
Block ourselves from stepping out of the box
We give excuses to our own actions
And then lie how we had no other choice
Sometimes i pray not to see the daylight
Try to avoid leaving my made-up world
Sometimes nightmares give me delight
And all the answers that I was seeking all along
We bury our thoughts,
Thoughts that stand out from standard
We run from all the answers, that our consciousness
tries to give us back.
Hiding your own being,
Putting on a mask of well-known clown,
gives you few laughs and notion of existence
expressing real thoughts has no more meaning
pretending opens all the paths
pretending gives you all the rights

Written by: Mantas Gurksnys

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Comments from YouTube:

Bexigah Music Web

Everything this band release is a masterpiece! Greetings from Brazil

Blue Beary

I'm listening to it non-stop since I grab my CD copy...guys don't download, support the Artists and buy their music.

ninja turtles fan

One of the Best Lithuanian Black Metal bans

Jean Pomel

At first I couldn't leave aside the similarities to both Mgla and Blut aus Nord. Now I'm getting into it and feel it as breeze of freshness.

Iron Born

This band really took me by surprise. I like the different layers to their music. It's something you cannot comprehend just by listening to it once or skipping through the songs. This is truly something outstanding.

Dick Phallus

You like layers?Try Akercocke

Ruben R

First time I've heard of you guys. End Of Chapter is a masterpiece!! 🤘


Great work as always!

Anna Jóźwiak

Wow!!! Really great music.

Witold Leon Łowczyk

Taip primene old schoolinius Paradise Lost. Superb

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