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Come To Set Me Free
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Jane Bergkotte

Thanks for this man, really appreciate your tutorials a lot! In the song part around 15:00 you can actually just put a "reorder" DAT right after convert DAT and put the columns on reverse, this will make the song be the first thing, and you can select the first column. This way it doesn't matter where the song is located :)

bileam tschepe (elekktronaut)

That's very clever, thanks!

marele tudor

cool! to make it automatically select last column maybe u can reference End Col Index and put it into Start Col Index so that they're always equal

Ibnu Sm

i just saw a spectrum like this and it's really good! Thank you for the creative ideas that always make me want to keep learning Mr. !!


I really appreciate your tutorial, thank you so much


Here's a little expression to help with that title, it'll break with titles that have a "." in their name but you could always change the last split to be on like "mp3" or "wav" or whatever file youre working with.

Matt Poole

@bileam tschepe (elekktronaut) Could always change your Select DAT column index to: op('convert1').numCols - 1 to always select the last Column, to address the impact of folder structure change. Syntax may be off (don't have TD in front of me), but you get the idea.

bileam tschepe (elekktronaut)

Thanks! I discovered that after recording as well :)

Robert Erdos

If you want to be specific about the containers allign order, regardless what names you give them, you have the align order parameter, way down in the layout tab. You can assign each container a number starting from 0, as usual in Td.

bileam tschepe (elekktronaut)

Yea I noticed that later, it's in the description. Thanks!

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