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I Luv This Shit
August Alsina Lyrics

Ay (ohh) ay (ohh)
Ay (ohh) uh-huh (whoa-ohh)
Ay (ohh) ay (ohh)
Ay (whoa-ohh) uh-huh (whoa-ohhhhh-ohhh)
Man I luv this shit (Man I luv this shit)
Man I luv this shit (Man I luv this shit)
Man I luv this shit (Man I luv this shit)
Man I luv this shit (Man I luv this shit) (oh)

A nigga back with this motherfuckin' remix (remix)
And we about to kill this shit
See I went and got a little help
To get the whole club poppin' like Freaknik
'Cause we got Rozay, a little Bombay,
A little peach Ciroc and we faded
Soon as we step in, we got your chick, and yo' chick, and yo' chick
And I know you hate it 'cause we lining up the shots (shots)
Yungin' got the heat to make em' pop
Soon as we hit the parking lot,
Then we see all the panties drop
Girl, ain't no bitch nigga, no rich nigga, no snitch nigga
Yo' bitch choosin' on a real nigga, let her chill nigga
That's real, 'cause I'm so fucked up, now I'm talking my shit
Way too high to be trippin' like this
Niggas hatin' hard, bitches all on my dick
This is what you want, I'mma put it like this
Lay it down to the Aug, Trey and Chris remix

Say you luv it (ay), you luv it girl (ay)
You luv it (ay), you luv it girl (uh-huh)
You luv it (ay), say you luv it girl (ay)
You luv it (ay), better make you luv it girl (uh-huh)
The way I fuck her, you would think I luv this bitch
I tell her keep on suckin', girl get all this dick
And I'mma keep grinding, nigga try'na get rich
She tell me keep fuckin', cause she luv this shit

(God damn it, I love it)
She said she just got her some titties
(She said she just got her some titties)
Can't wait till' I come to her city
(Can't wait till' I come to her city)
I smoke till I choke and I'm dizzy
The liquors invading my kidneys,
Been chillin' and I feel like killin' you niggas
Bitches been missing me lately (oh),
They love it when I talk to em' crazy (oh)
Suck a nigga dick, do it with alot of spit,
Let it drip, yeah catch my babies
Ooh-whoa, that's my baby (my baby) just do it like you care
Girl don't worry bout' your, hairs fuck up
'Cause I'm pullin' it like this
Your man's fucked up, he don't do you like this
Feels so good that a nigga might kiss
If you ask her she gon' tell you like this

God damn it she loves it (she loves it), she loves it (she loves it)
She loves it (she loves it), she loves it
God damn it she loves it (ooh), she loves it
She loves it, she loves it
So I'mma keep on fucking like I luv this bitch (ohh)
Imma keep her bussin', cause she luv this dick (whoa-ohh)
Imma keep stuntin', cause I luv bein' rich (ohh)
Imma keep doin', and I does this shit
God damn it, I luv it

She said make luv, just make luv, just make luv to me
Right now (just do it), and she want to try some new shit (just do it)
She said when I kiss it, go and sing to her (how?)
Like this, laa-laa laa-laa laa (Laa-laa laa-laa laa)
Don't need full conversation
All we doin' is licking, and fucking, and touching, your booty be speaking another language
(Oh yeah)
This real life to his fake shit
Bottles in the air, I'm faded

Drinking, I'm so fucked up, now I'm talking my shit
I'm so bossed up, I be talking like Rich
Niggas they know, bitches all on my dick
Baby when we play, put this song on replay
She like "Ooh, that's my shit" and I luv it

I luv it (ay), I luv it (ay)
I, god damn it I luv you baby (ay), I luv it (ay)
I luv it (ay)
I, I'm gon' luv her better, 'cause her man ain't shit
And I'mma keep on strokin', 'cause she luv this dick
And I'mma keep on lickin', 'cause she luv it
She tell me keep fuckin, cause she luv this shit, and I luv it

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, SPIKY I M IN PUBLISHING, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: August Anthony Alsina, Christopher Maurice Brown, Samuel Eugene Irving III, Tremaine Aldon Neverson, Ralph Jeanty, Sean McMillion, Christine Massa Spiky

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Craig Malone Robinson

HOt Sound,,,,,,,,,,,, I luv this shit

Comments from YouTube:

Flame on Deck

Bro I swear this is one of those best late night riding songs ever... Perfect mood with the vocals and trumpets

netscape navigator

Yes! I used to LOVE this song when it came on at night while listening to the car radio. So nostalgic.

Javiel Camacho


Jamal Ford

Bro I was just thinking about me n my girl rolling to this lmao !!

Moises Urrutia

And a blunt

Dies There, Inc.

LITERALLY pulled up in the lexus ls400 laid back this bangin

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Americo Congolo

I never get tired of this song....2022 still listening

Javiel Camacho

No me sosten

Kaima Tawana

Me too😻

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