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Avantasia Lyrics

Days had come, winters had gone,
and we gamboled like siblings in Paradise.
I was your knight, holding you tight
as a brother when I saw your crying eyes.
Time went by and we had to say goodbye.

Staring up to the clouds above
Children - so little and sad.
Hoping the saints could help one day
Lead us together again.
Holding the key to the alley of dreams
still in hands.

Time telling me to say farewell
but I knew that I would fight hell
and I knew: We will
go for another time we can see,
for another time we'll be free,
for no more farewell.

Stepbrother tell me where have you been
when they brought me to this godforsaken place.
Sign of the cross - they took me away
for healing with herbs by the way of grace.
Now I wait for the day to feed the flames.

I have been caught in a cage of despair.
My heart as a monk's cell so empty and bare.
But no holy water can make me
forget you again

Time telling me to say farewell
but I knew that I would fight hell
and I knew: We will
go for another time we can see,
for another time we'll be free,
for no more farewell.

No farewell could be the last one.
If you long to meet again

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gonçalo Baia

@Miles R4 thank you, took the words out of my mouth
But the way I see it, it's even worse than that, the problem is not only that people don't care about learning music, but also and especially that they are tought at young ages to think that they actually know anything, and are capable of knowing what is good music, because they are "entitled", when in fact the only thing they usually know is that they end up liking what is fed to them
In other words, people are taught to think they think when deep down they don't, not just in music

And why? Simple, it's cheaper to pay a young boy who has absolutely no knowledge of the world of music, nor is educated in any kind of literature, who has his computer made 2-note-max "songs" made not even by himself and comes up with lyrical masterpieces like "yeah baby, the way I like it" for 3 entire minutes, and has a flashdrive, rather than to have a 5, 6, 7 or more-member band whose members have studied hard for consecutive years and have a deep understanding of the world of music, and the way sound comes out of their instruments, who write things like "I was your knight, holding you tight, like a brother, when I saw your crying eyes", and need to keep investing money in maintining their own instruments, or improving them, plus recording equipments and much more

But like you said my friend, why waste our energy on being frustrated about it, being grateful for the fact the we know better is simply more pleasant

Sorry mate, I really went down and vented in there 😅

Cheers my friend

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Pedro Calle Fernandez

No sabia que a muchos brasileños les gustaba Avantasia
Saludos desde Colombia hermanos brasileños


Saudações hermano colombiano :)

Edson Reiter Concatto


samuel jimenez

También a los mexicanos, saludos parcero

Ilanio Rodrigues

Estamos juntos !!!

Borgess -_-

Viva o rock meu amigo da colombia

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2020 and still loving this song😍

Lea Spr

2021 and loving it since I was 17 yrs old.


2021 and I still like this song 😍

Sandra Assunção

Is brazil?

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