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Crumbling Land
Avey Tare Lyrics

If the prop that you stick is licking the house
Then don't be disturbed by his eyes
I expose his front teeth to find out what he eats
And now he is starting to change

Oh he's wearing his virility, battle the hub, looking
Ready and willing to fight
Any waiting to speak will do,
Were-you's wary, weighing his waiting and stand

He will eat you for meat, your body weight helps
Then chomp on his chompers at night
Or the ugliness split and thrive underneath
It's changing the face that he has

Will they tell you a (riddle) to burn (underneath),
But I know America's smite
Hear the dominant creatures unite at last
And waste in a crumbling land

Feelin' like a werewolf(5x)

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Noah writes beautiful melodies. but Avey is way more improvisationally creative. All his stuff sounds so chaotic and almost evil...but in a fun way? Bad way to word it...but those sorts of sounds usually are. His music, visually, reminds me of paintings by Rousseau. I love Down There....the first few times I heard it, I hated it. Listening to it now, I cannot fathom why. It's brilliant...every second of it.




I want to hear a geologist solo.


@twostepsteezy A V tare Davey minus the D and tare as in tear as in tear a piece of paper

Dylan Goodwin

Oh shit I haven't heard this in a few years! How I've missed it!

javier alzate

mathwe dont say that please, its good that only the people that understand listen to ddavid, he is a beuty anyway, he is beutifull so lets just be with him, and make partys that iare all of us siting around the floor i dont know, it sounds like something that would be sweet for david

Jeremiah Gloria

@willlliw it's coming out 10/26 via Paw Tracks this year titles "Down There"

Austin Mijares

@willlliw he is! coming out sometime in october hopefully. its called "Down Under" or something. cant fucking wait.


WHOA this is kick ass!

Austin Mijares

@aesrp Actually yeah, just listened to it, it was up on pitchfork. it left me wanting more, so i guess ill have to wait for the whole album haha. LESS THAN A MONTH.

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