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My Heart is a Blinking Nintendo
B.A. Johnston Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by B.A. Johnston:

Bat In The House I'm your only friend I'm not your only friend But I'm a…
Best Day Ever I've had my share Of life's ups and down But fate's been…
I Love It When You Dress Up I found a switch, you turned it on I hit the…
I Love it When You Dressup (him) Today I passed you on the street And my heart…
I Love You Pizzaman I got your letter From the postman Just the other day So I…
I Miss You Arcade Darlin', darlin' you know I love you I love you, for…
I Will Be A Skid Dad Wearing cut-up jean shorts, or maybe a tracksuit Driving …
Roll Teddy Roll From the little town I ran from To the city where…
This Greyhound Shall Kill Me Who's awake at 5 a.m.? Oh yeah, I am At the Regina…
Too Dumb to Live Three days of snow in Birmingham Thought you would wonder w…
You Are Cute When You Sleep Are we gonna work it out, or is it Mike…

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Comments from YouTube:

Wendell Dunbar

I grew up in Chilliwack I'm glad my girlfriend never went Peterborough.


@DarkOsculate He played at my university's bar. I paid $5 for the ticket. It was the best fiver I've ever spent. Johnston puts on such a great live show.

Brett Newski

DUDE. We have to team up. Come to Wisconsin


Can't wait to see BA live in a couple of weeks.

Ryan Minor

you got my heart blinking like an old nintendo it's never gunna work again


It was amazing. He kept ragging on the next town over and picking on audience members. All in good ol' BA nature, of course. 'Twas great, I hope he comes here again soon. His opening act also kicked ass. I wish I could remember the band's name.

Mitch Montgomery

partied with ba in sudbury ontario, was a sickkkkk show.

Chad Scott

i got this song in a playlist of one song, so that it plays over and over when i so choose


How was it?

Natasha Sawyer

BA is rad as hell!

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