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Oh! My God
BLACKBUNNY 블랙바니 Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Oh! My God' by these artists:

Girl's Day OH OH OH MA MA MA eouwou eo eo uwou OH…
Girl's Day걸스데이 [All] Oh oh, oh ma ma, ma Oh whoa, oh oh,…
Girl’s Day Oh oh oh ma ma ma eouwou eo eo uwou Oh…
Lily Allen & Mark Ronson Time on your side that will never end The most beautiful…
°É½ºµ¥ÀÌ(Girl's Day) [All] Oh oh, oh ma ma, ma Oh whoa, oh oh,…
걸스데이(Girl's Day) OH OH OH MA MA MA eouwou eo eo uwou OH…
걸스데이(Girl`s Day) [All] Oh oh, oh ma ma, ma Oh whoa, oh oh,…

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Comments from YouTube:


la entertainment just confirmed their disbandment. i’m devastated


tbh probably better for them, like they couldn't afford a MV or actual music show stages and their outfits we're... questionable to say the least

Blacu Pancho

They just lasted a year tf


whaaat :(

duong nguyen

what with all the girl group i never hear before,i'm like listen to kpop and wait for new group everyday but never hear anything about them


@Baeksbeautypalace I agree. And they can choose what to do with themselves and their bodies.


@That Page BLM i personally don't think that makes them less of a kpop group. this song was their official group. i don't remember them starring in an actual porn video so don't call them porn stars, that's disrespetful because they aren't (and even if they would be that would be totally fine) time to get the stick out of your ass, sorry for my words but idk why it's such a big deal, as long as they're comfy with it.

That Page BLM

ironhank haha lol


@That Page BLM Oh I see, gotta do some research now...for academic purposes

That Page BLM

ironhank they do sexy magazines of them usually partially naked which is fine because they consented to it. They aren’t a group they mostly do sexy versions of dance covers

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