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Doni Doni
Baba Sissoko Lyrics

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Doni Doni MC Doni feat. Натали - Ты такой 2015 год Авторы слов: Рудина…

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I tried to catch the lyrics:

I go slowly, you have to go slowly
We have to go slowly, who goes slowly goes far

Everything you do, you do with caution, with energy and a bit of trust, a bit of force, with love in return?
Patience ..

Everything you love, you have all the time to achieve it good
With calm and patience..

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merci nova pour cette découverte

Brenden Lisi

BYND X MDLS brought me here.

Carly B

Beyond Medals brought me here!


c'est tellement bon !!! merci merci baba sissoko

Pick A Dub

Merci de partager...

Sabrina Khelaifia

super toujours au top nova.....merci


Ben oui Nova, merci


Could be the Sleeping Dogs menu theme

Franco Rospigliozzi

I love it ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Iuri Bortot

Radio GRRIF brought me here

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