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Record Store Renegade
Bankrupt Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Bankrupt:

Agony Bay What could I say? Nothing's OK No need to ask When you know…
Cinderella Once you've met Cinderella Tell her you wanna take her…
Independent Girl This must be the time when there's just Nothing to say You…
Lonesome Trains 8th day of the railway strike (no way, way out) The…
Memories From The Underground Spending a most unusual night in Prague with a one-eyed…
No Surrender Too early to surrender Let's kill another year If you come b…
Parallel Worlds By '89 they'd died out one by one The commies never…
Sidewinder What's coming your way is just what it seems She's…
Straight Outta Graceland Lousy trends, phony hypes Someone should sort it out S…
Wave Of Bankruptcy They're gonna hate it but they wanna know Who's gonna tell…
Years Of Disasters Things could get worse, I knew it well When Satan…

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Comments from YouTube:

Arie Ain

2020 still enjoy the excellent song.. So full spirit by me


As he says at the end... You guys rock!


Az archive-(pont)-org-on van egy csomó public domain rövidfilm, ilyenekből vágtam össze. Köszi, hogy kitetted!

Mathilde Theriault

Is it Michael K singing ? Great song !!!


No, Michael was singing on the early demos only.


anyone knows the lyrics of this graet song?


I give up, your generation drives my to despair
Yeah it's destination unknown, pretend that you care
Got a thousand friends on MySpace, not a single one in school
80 gigs of mp3s and none of them's quite cool

These kids don't go to the record store
This kids don't think like us
These kids don't go to the record store

It used to take me years to hunt down
a full discography
I was exploring the unknown and it meant a lot to me
Now it's so fucking easy, it's just a click away
There is no more excitement, this was the price to pay

Antonio Di Carlo

OH YEAH ;) where s the crazy clown dancin on the stage ?! :)


Isn't this song N English?!?

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