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Something Wicked This Way Comes
Barry Adamson Lyrics

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"That's fucking crazy man"


@Stefan Travis Give me back my phone!

Stefan Travis

"Call me"

Paranoid asteroid

My favorite out of Lost Highway st. Also noticed the Blue Lines sample...

Mary Decouvertes

@Mark A. Houston It's been a pleasure talking to you 😈 By the way have you by any chance watched this one: Kinda interesting stuff!

Mark A. Houston

@Mary Decouvertes Give me back my phone

King Bernie

@Mary Decouvertes you never met a woman that likes cool shit? You’re fishing in the basic bitch pond sounds like…

Mary Decouvertes

@Schorsch McGill Yeah dats rite I'm gangsta 😎

Schorsch McGill

@Mary Decouvertes "I'm a man"😂😂😂

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King Bernie

Glorious... the crescendo (whole song) is heavenly and amazing

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