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Bau Lyrics

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Nora Portesi

Maravilloso tema, elegido por Almodóvar para "Hable con ella"

Reza Badei

I heard it first on Pedro Almodovar's "Hable con ella" movie & soundtrack some 18 years ago! Beautiful music... <3 from San Diego, California <3


This is a very touching and impressive Latin-Flamenco hit. What a brilliant masterpiece! Thank you for uploading.

Jose Lima

Its from Cabo Verde with also influence from Africa Bau is the name


I really want to learn this song on guitar, it's sounds so good


@Dimitris Blatsios thank you man, I really appreciate it.

Dimitris Blatsios

Not so difficult. Basic chords Am, Dm, E7 all played barred on the fifth fret. Play all strings from A to high E down and up to G and you ll figure it out yourself

Tullio G. Aizza

semplicemente superba musica, esecuzione, interpretazione, poi solo il silenzio. Grazie BAU.

Cristina Costa


Gladys Lieser

Precioso, bello.....

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