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Be Svendsen Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Be Svendsen:

Drop the Gun Come jenny! (Yeah!) Go drop that gun Jenny You saddle up y…
Hazy Eyes Walking with the wind on a lumen sky Talking to a…
October Letters Is this really it? Is this all there is? Always this fear,…

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b r a u n h e i s e Я

I have to tell you guys this story about this song. I was tasked by my parents to watch their home while they went away to Chicago to visit my sister. Their house is a typical American northeastern US suburb house, they have a room off the side of the kitchen with a high ceiling where the TV Is and couches etc. So I am in that room and I brought over all my good stuff, PC, good speakers and a bunch of weed and mushrooms etc. So it was around night-ish, they have a single skylight and it was like dusk out, still light enough to see but dark enough to know its night too. So I am clicking around and starting to be hit hard as hell and randomly stumble on this.

Listening to it, II closed my eyes for awhile and let me tell you about the wild thing I saw. It was a dark vision and it's going to be hard to explain. Basically I was transported to this dark room underground that looked like some kind of ritual room or ritualistic place. There were this group of these big 7 foot tall beastly warrior type dudes who were holding long staffs with hawk statues and feathers and orbs and other things at the end of the staffs. The only way I can think to describe them was like some mix between Aztecs/Mayan god-king looking guys, and some kind of Egyptian-ish priest. They were staring at me and two of them opened this door that was at the end of the room. I looked inside and I saw this long hallway that led to pitch black. I felt like they were smiling with a sort of sneaky grin to each other while I was looking away, I never saw them do it but in the vision I sensed it.

With every reverbation of the bass, I saw this sonic wave bouncing into the hallway and into the darkness like a ring around the walls of the hall shooting back and forth down from the darkness and bouncing back towards it. When I heard the specific guitar section of the song, in the vision I was seeing one of the warrior king priest guys, he was waving his staff and it was creating the guitar sounds, and as he did it, certain shapes like lines similar to the ones a seismograph makes on the paper when an earthquake is happening, these lines started traveling into the hallway, but they didnt bounce back. It was sort of like the guy doing it was just playing with the sounds, that no matter how he waved his staff, the sound would end up being in key with the reverbating bass back and forth, like he was showing me some kind of secret harmony or symmetry in the world they knew about that I didn't.

I can see this vision so clearly every time I hear the song now. I always come back to it and think about it all the time and wonder about what I saw. Something about it felt more real than normal like these people had been here at one time, they were gone now but they had been here. Maybe they are still watching.

P.S. I've tried actually doing some research into it and can't find anything too much, but I have looked deep into the Mayans and Aztecs and found some wild theories. Apparently there are tunnels in South America that stretch under entire mountain ranges, they were built before the Mayans even existed and the Mayans eventually found them, as well as finding megalithic ruins of civilizations that had construction technology that we know the Mayans, Aztecs, and Spanish never were capable of and have no record of building them. One of the entrances to these tunnels is actually suspected to be under a church in South America that was founded by the monastic crusader orders like Knights Hospitaller, Templars, etc. who were active in Spain still during the time of the conquistadors. They do not allow anyone to open the door. Apparently there are decoded messages in the statues placed in the front yards of churches around Europe that when decoded, give directions to those who decoded them to go to South America to this tunnel system if ever there is another cataclysmic event on earth.

Not sure I will ever have an answer to this or if the lead on this South American church is even right. But I'll never forget this weird event, I don't think I could if I tried


Hey Be Svendsen I have to tell You that I am enjoing your Sound
very much, i just met a friend i didn't saw for a while wich gave me
some tasty flowers to smoke. And after Starting listening to your Sound on Spotify
and Smoking on my balcony, some strangely amusing trip or Vision started
to take over my mind and Heart and i thinke I started to really See, Feel
and Touch your sound or Medium to translate universal Messages or
such.. in a way i only enjoned on the dancefloor to Hitech dark Psy or so before, with a big amount of acid.

So i like to tell you that, however you did this. It was made in an way so subtile and forcefull it coud touch some very energy of mine in a way words can't explain properly.
So i just wanted to thank you for creating such Masterpieces, and I do now go on with my vision or such. (;

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What an incredible mix. It takes you to a special place. The sounds are so hypnotizing. Even with the weird noises, you're unphased because your intoxicated by the beautiful beats.


My favorite Be Svendsen piece. Something magic about the sounds here,
And the way the piece isn't so much approaching a destination as drifting matches the timeless sensation in the artwork too.

Shakun Ramjee

It's a transcendental trance absolutely eternal


What a music,what a sound....real masterpiece !

take my breath away

Masterpiece! Greetings from Serbia!

C. Meagan Michael

I discovered your music today and I am blown away! It's inspiring my creativity and making me very happy! #InspiredSounds Thank you!

oussama assoudi

hassan tower

Anirvan Deva

Awesome track brother, pure gold 😎

Leon Erin

Image reminds me of an old construction on a beach in Ireland where as kids in the late 60s ,we used to climb through it but not realising there was all kinds of nastys, including broken glass, under the sand. Thankfully I'm still here to share memory

Roxana L. Preduti A.

Thank you for sharing it with us ! ✌

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