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Beach Mercer Lyrics

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2:28 Sam's Shirt
8:34 Game begins
10:00 Grog's past year
13:08 The Deck
23:44 Pike's past year
28:00 A Budding Business
29:50 Vex's past year
33:35 Vax's past year
38:40 Keyleth's past year
41:41 A Night at the Theater
46:52 Percival's past year
51:37 Sam Motherfucking Riegel
51:53 Taryon's past year
52:10 TAR-Y
53:41 A Multipurpose Opening
56:10 The Covetous Craftsman
57:12 Reconvening
1:00:52 Presents
1:04:41 The Bay of Gifts
1:07:26 Vacation Veteran
1:12:39 Bartering
1:15:27 Gifts of Mischief
1:21:25 The Beach
1:23:32 Castle Construction
1:27:15 A Harmless Prank
1:31:26 A Little Lie
1:32:04 The Man with All the Answers
1:33:54 Reaction to Reaction
1:35:20 A scene relevant to Fan Artists
1:41:50 A Mastiff Clusterfuck
1:43:00 Hell Hath no Fury...
1:48:36 Sick 'Em
1:50:41 Chase Sequence
1:53:24 Rationalizing
1:55:29 The Dog Whisperer
1:56:43 Tranquil Tary
1:59:10 Recompense
2:04:46 Janitorial Work

2:06:44 Break Begins

2:25:04 Game Resumes
2:25:47 Bad Influences
2:32:07 Fate Decides
2:36:50 Kiki/Sun Tree
2:40:14 Visitors
2:43:13 Trickfeet
3:00:03 Fangirl
3:07:30 Astral Insight
3:10:38 Guilty Thoughts
3:16:28 Guest-Proofing
3:19:13 Conflicting Orders
3:23:23 The Final Say
3:26:37 Polite Dinner Conversation
3:30:20 A Chat with Uncle Ogden
3:39:50 Escorting Ogden
3:41:16 Terrible Premonitions
3:44:30 All in the Blood
3:48:34 Obfuscated Intentions
3:50:41 Final Planning/Trickfoot History Lesson
3:58:11 End of Game

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Comments from YouTube:


spring of 2020: perfect time to be catching up on campaign 1

Corvyn Der Letzte

Summer of 2020: still going...




yep exactly do that now

Mega kidicarus

@Long Forgotten I am going to feel bummed when I get caught up on Campaign 2, currently 1 campaign and 4 episodes finished*

*3 one-offs from Campaign 1 left.

I also am spreading catch-up out.

Long Forgotten

Nothing like a pandemic to binge watch both of the great campaigns.

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The fact that Grog inadvertently gave away the most powerful and useful card in the Deck of Many things to a random drunk still hurts my soul to this day.

Ana Ribeiro

21 42 63

James VerHulst

Technically, the Fates card is the most powerful - as it can change Any Event that ever happened!
You could ask for a cetain species to never have existed! Completely changing history, and inturn the world! Or a specific War to have gone in anothers favor, possibly making your people the most powerful in the land!

Gray Embry

@Conor Smith 3 years is way past the statute of limitations for spoilers. If you are 3 years late, don't read the comments, or expect to be spoiled, it's on you, not everyone else on the planet.

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