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Beast Lyrics

아직 난 널 잊지 못하고 모든걸 다 믿지 못하고
이렇게 널 보내지 못하고 오늘도

다시 만들어볼게 우리 이야기
끝나지 않게 아주 기나긴
살갗을 파고 스며드는 상실감은 잠시 묻어둘게
새로 써 내려가 시작은 행복하게 웃고 있는 너와 나
네가 날 떠나지 못하게 배경은 출구가 없는 좁은 방 안

아무렇지 않게 네게 키스하고
달콤한 너의 곁을 떠나가질 못해
우린 끝이라는건 없어

이렇게 난 또 (fiction in fiction)
잊지 못하고 (fiction in fiction)
내 가슴 속에 끝나지 않을 이야길 쓰고 있어

널 붙잡을게 (fiction in fiction)
놓지 않을게 (fiction in fiction in fiction)
끝나지 않은 너와 나의 이야기 속에서
오늘도 in fiction

지금 여긴 행복한 이야기들밖에 없어
너무 행복한 우리 둘만의 이야기가 이렇게
(현실관 다르게)
써 있어 점점 채워지고 있어

너는 나에게로 달려와서 안기고
품 안에 안긴 너를 나는 절대 놓지 못해
우린 끝이라는건 없어

이렇게 난 또 (fiction in fiction)
잊지 못하고 (fiction in fiction)
내 가슴 속에 끝나지 않을 이야길 쓰고 있어

널 붙잡을게 (fiction in fiction)
놓지 않을게 (fiction in fiction in fiction)
끝나지 않은 너와 나의 이야기 속에서
오늘도 in fiction

다시 한 번 더 말하지만
지금 너는 내 옆에 있다고 그렇게 믿고 있어 난

(하지만 fiction) 난 목적을 잃어버린 작가
이 소설의 끝은 어떻게 마무리 지어야 해
사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 사랑해 이 세 글자만 써
내려가 무뎌진 펜 눈물로 얼룩진 낡은 종이 위로
행복할 수도 슬플 수도 없어 이 이야기는

지금 난 너무나도 행복한 생각에 이야기를 쓰지만
모든게 바램일 뿐이라고 여전히

난 행복한걸 (fiction in fiction in fiction)
우리 함께인걸 (fiction in fiction in fiction)
이제 시작인걸 (fiction in fiction in fiction)
끝은 없는걸 (fiction in fiction in fiction)

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Peermusic Publishing
Written by: Ho Yang Lee, Jun Hyung Yong, Kyu Sung Choi

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Highlight Ahjussi

QnA about BEAST/Highlight! (In case you wondering where is the boys right now).

•Where are they? What the heck are they doing right now? Can I see them again? I miss them!

Answer : They're just discharged from military, all of the members! Yes of of course you can see them again. They are preparing their comeback in 2021 as Highlight (4 members : Yoon Dujun, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gikwang, Son Dongwoon). In fact they are quite active right now!

•They are active right now? What do you mean?

Answer : Okay let me explain for each member!

[Yoon Dujun] - He has solo debut months ago, you can check his MV 'Lonely Night'. He's also quite active in some of variety show and his own show (You know the guy who did all the mukbang in M2 YouTube Channel whereas all of idols doing perfect performances and some ASMR challenge? Yeah that guy.)

[Jang Hyunseung] - Yes, he's the guy who left BEAST years ago. He's also discharge from military and make his solo comeback! Please support him and check his new MV "I just can't stop loving you".

[Yong Junhyung] - He's also recently discharge from military. Yes, he left Highlight and won't participate in their 2021 comeback with the other four members. We will miss you Junhyung! ㅠㅠ

[Yang Yoseob] - Our main vocal just become hot topic in South Korea on January back then. Why? He just discharge in military and a week later he join King of Masked Singer (He is the fireplace cat!). He's the first idol who became a King in first attempt. He is also the idol with most win on KOMS (8 wins!), please check out his videos on MBC Youtube Channel! Also recently Yoseob remake his duet song 'Love Day' with Eunji from Apink, please check them out :

[Lee Gikwang] : He is the hot guy who's new kpop fans wondering recently. He becomes MC for various Kpop idols interviews (Yes he's the hot MC on Idol Wonderland and also KCON Tact 3). He's also on various variety shows!

[Son Dongwoon] - Our maknae just recently discharge from military. His wish come true, he asked Yoseob to defend his King throne until he's discharge from Military. (Hyung why y'all on TV, I'm not?) Yes we can hear his complain all the way, please invite our Son Namshin on variety show! He's funny guy!

That's all about BEAST/Highlight recently! If you want to asked something about our boys just comment it down below, I will do my best to explain it! (English is my third language, sorry for poor grammar ㅠㅠ).

Edited : Highlight confirmed will comeback on May 3rd! With Mini Album "The Blowing". Currently they are active on web-variety show on streaming platform wavve. And they are also the new guest on Knowing Brothers ep 277 (aired on April 24th). Please watch and support them! ^^

All comments from YouTube:

K-Ville Entertainment

'Fiction' is hands down the saddest break-up song ever written. No, not just in K-Pop. For me, it's the saddest of any song in history. It's so beautiful and poetic.

bunga cantik

Today, I'm here again listening to this masterpiece and scrolling thru the comments. I feel uneasy reading all replies under this comments. Why do people be questioning this person's opinions ? 😂 maybe fiction is the saddest song for this person's and maybe to some of us as well. While maybe some you of you dont think this song is that 'sad' and there are other songs that you think are sadder than this one. Well its okay like that butttt you dont have to go questioning why this person choose this song as the saddest one, telling other people to listen to more songs and other songs etc 😂 can we just respect other's opinion and personal preference ? And enjoyy. Okay bye.


This is hands down the cringiest comment of any comment in history


Frr I literally remember watching this so many years ago. Time really does pass by too quick.

Gegaga Bajande

This is Sad song EXO promise too

Sevim Keles

@Angel. 🤛🔶️🤛🇦🇿🤛🤛🤛🤛🔶️🤛🤛🤛🤛🤛🔶️

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Cường Motor


Niel Ortiz corilla


Thanh Quý Võ

Tôi mê diễn viên nữ :))

Tuan Anh Tran

Beat này hay

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