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Beat System Lyrics

Hello! This is radio T, and I'm proud to played some
Hits for all you follows and ladies and gentelmen out
There now, who is my next caller?

Back to the track, see I know that she knows
I'm on the microphone and I'm not alone,
You see I'm coming correctly, moving perfectly
Haha and no one can stop me step to the left keep
Moving while you shaking
Time I'm taking money I making
I never let another person try in control me
*(FRESH SAMPLE) -Yes she is-
Glory: Hey man I love your voice I need you every day
To be satisfied play my song and dream with me,
Move to the groove why you waiting for me
Here is a little story of a girl named Glory
Hey girl you really amaze me,
My head is dazing for what she did for me
Call me up but don't start to moan,
Come I don't want to sex on the phone
I'm your radio DJ I play the best.

Stop wait a minute you can all join to it
This is radio T, and I have to begin it,
Hello Glory, (Glory: Hello?)
How are you doin you wanna say hi to you
And your crew don't ask for that cause babe,
That's a phony believe me girl
It's not a trick it's a tony
Now everybody out there jump up and down
With your hands in the air


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Comments from YouTube:

Rene Vázquez

Por fin la encontré. La escuchaba en la radio activa de chile, cuando era buena

Rod alf

Temon, se tocaban en las discos también en aquellos años.

marcin rychlewski

I bathed + washed my teeth + shaved elegantly + cologne `Brutal` + washed my hair [up down] + antiperspirant + Styling Gel + new underwear` Atlantic` brand


Radio 1160 FM, Lima, Perú (May, 25, 1996)

saler vlajkovic

Lovely years

Hector Alonso


Berna Ceballos

la mejor musica de todos los tiempos

Rolando Monteza


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