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Beautiful Eulogy
Beautiful Eulogy Lyrics

There used to be a time when we were fine living life with
No particular religious bend. Pretending to be our own Gods
Inventing our own system of belief so as to not depend on
Anything other than our own self governing consent. Defending
An impending doom with no perceived need to concede
Or repent. Presuming our innocence in a sense dissent. The
Sting of death was only the inevitable end of everything
We could never rightly understand or comprehend. We used
To fear the unknown until God made himself known and atoned
Mending the relationship between God and men. Giving his
Life as a ransom for many when he died and ascended and in
That one event the certainty of eternal death was circumvented.
Making a way for the day when history stops and
Time suspends. Spending eternity in fellowship that never
Ends. We see the greatest expression of God's love extended
In the moment when those who were once enemies instead became
God's friends.

And when it is my time to go, go ahead and take me home
I know I'll be with You, I know I'll be with You
When it is my time to go, go ahead and take me home
Nowhere that I'd rather go
I wanna be with You

How sweet the Gospel sounds to ears like mine. Well acquainted
With pain and strained relationships. Friendships
That suffer from long distances, or even worse they get
Severed from something more severe. And He still hasn't
Wiped away all my tears yet. My cheeks get wet every now
And then. Even when I give my best, I know I fall short.
I get scared when the balls in my court. Focussed on, my
Performance, wretched and poor. It makes the message more
Real when I preach it. I'm not there yet so I'm reaching,
Reaching for a goal, to stand before my King and be speechless.
Then, never again, will I question if his grace is
Sufficient to cover my sin. Cause death is gone, and all
The effects of, evil and wrong will be conquered when His
Kingdom comes. So this is my hope and my prayer. The air
That I'll breath in eternity with lungs that never fail
Me. If it pleases my Lord, and only by Your grace, use my
Life till it's poured out for Your sake. Until then I'll
Remain where You have me, with joy when I feel unhappy. And
A peace that surpasses all my understanding, my life is in
The hands of Your love everlasting.

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Comments from YouTube:

Movie Community College

2019 and this song still makes me cry

Oluwajuwonlo Oriola

I am weeping and I can't know why

Henry Abrahams

Love this group. Beautiful Eulogy helped bridge my life in Christ with music, when I was radically save last year, 10/18/15. I remember driving to my friends house, (this is pre-Jesus), thinking about the weed I was finna burn down, the this song came up in my shuffle. Brought conviction, not the song, or the guys, but the Power of the Holy Ghost to convict a unclean heart. I was a worker of iniquity. Now I am made righteous by the Blood of The Lamb! Praise God that these guys obey the Lord!

Taylor Bickford

Dude that's dope!!

Felipe Aguiar

Amém my friend! May God always give all his grace upon your life.

Ellie Edwards

I don't know you but I think this is the coolest thing ever that you were so strong spirited to do something like that I hope more people see what you said & it gives them an open minf

Henry Abrahams

+Hunter M.I. Trent-Davis Praise Jesus!
my sister stays up in Oregon and I went by the Humblebeast studio and met Odd Thomas. Genuine people. real message.

g g

praise God for his faithfulness

Kevin Ellis

I want this played at my funeral.

Colin Neill

Me too, Kevin!

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