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Another World
Beborn Beton Lyrics

There is no use in dying
When still I seem to be undone
There is no use in trying to find again
The love of someone

Where have I gone and come so far
Well, I've been headed nowhere
I have been walking quite a while along
Feeling lonesome

Don't you worry,
They won't find my body
I want you to know
I found peace in another world
Don't keep digging,
I want you to leave back
Away from the place
Where my ashes are buried

I still can hear you breathing
As if you'd never gone away
I still can feel your touch,
Your tenderness
As if you were still there

There is no sense in crying
Only liquid running from my eyes
And all the feelings I restrain
Are the remainders that survived


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Comments from YouTube:


Takes me back going to some great "Industrial-gothic-synthpop" nightclubs back 10 years ago,2000-'04(Yes,I know this song was released in 1997,but I didn't hear it for the 1st time till summer of 2000).

Erin Morticia

Same for me! Good times in the clubs dancing to this song :)

Robert Feutz

As a former midwest DJ, this track was a dance floor staple! (1999-2001)

Megan Hammond

Grew up listening to music like this, you just can't beat it

Christina Delzenero

I made our wedding DJ play this for us. It's amazing how no matter what music you're into, this song can bring everyone to the floor to dance.

mayra b


Johan Nordgren

Synthpop when its best , chrom and solar fake its good band to.


I found this band on Wikipedia when I pressed random page :D Whoo!<3


This song still gets me dancing after all these years. Beautiful lyrics.


I knew I was over my break up with my ex when first heard this song, It was like a light hitting me in the face. It was time to start a new chapter in my life. Time to move on. Thanks!!! I wish there was a proper video for this song.

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