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Just Things
by Beefeater

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Trash Funk This ain't no love song Just singing the blues This ain't no…

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Comments from YouTube:

Sean Capone

From way across this town I hear you cry, Now there's one sound that strikes me down inside
I drop my tools and bolt across this land, before nightfall I'll have you in my hands
Oh I feel for once I'm moving out, doing the things we used to talk about
See I got ?? I gotta hold, got such a vision and a drive untold
The day I got to hold her in my view, and a vow: nothing we can't do
And there's your house godspeed I'm running to, and for once I come across to you
Just one thing!
Swear my feet almost left the ground, there's just one thing running me around
There's just one thing standing in my way
A fuckin mountain going by my name!
Seems we're on the path to something good
Things don't come 'bout the way they should
Please don't just stand here paralyzed, lookin' my own mountain in the eyes
The morning ?? I still can hear your cries, I take this hand and blow it to the skies
There's not much I ask, I say
Room to follow through, on what my judgement say to do
And the way to pray
Ask and say to the mountain: pick it up, cast it in the sea
It will be done! If ya have the faith ?? have faith!
<guitar solo> <chanting>
<Bass solo -- yeah Dug E. Bird!!!>
On the way my soul almost gave out
I ran into a mire of pride and doubt
(??? can't remember this line, unintelligible)
One sweet child is coming through to you
One Just Thing!

Jme Ggg

r.i.p. fred "freak" smith.

Angst Tsgna



embarrassing 1338 listenings.... great dc classic

L.S Mauri

lyrics? please

Sean Capone

I posted what I could remember above. I used to know every word on the LP!


+Niet177 buy the record - no full service here

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