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Distant Lights
Beer Dead Truckers Lyrics

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Burial Now that I need you (Now that I need you...)…
Ivy Many streetlights flicker out, don't you want to know what…

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Comments from YouTube:

Chris Sarvello

As a trucker myself, you see a lot of crazy things, and it’s not just truckers. Ignorance is ignorance, no matter how many wheels you have.

Steve Dawson

To be honest They wouldn't even have their Toyota Prius if it wasn't for trucks .


@ChickenYale you’ve never driven a truck shame on you no truck driver wants to kill anyone it as traumatic for them as it is for the victims

greg Madore

That is true but it sounded like most of the drivers in these accidents where not paying attention or worse using their phones

Jared Aus

Agreed, in my opinion people should always yield to big rigs or get out of the way.

Johnny Crash

Blame all truck drivers like cars aren't a problem at all. My own cousin is an insurance hunting piece of s**. Before he turned 21, he was already involved in 3 accidents involving 18 wheelers, every job he ever had, he leaves with injuries and settlements, dropped out of the military cause he got a boo boo like a b*** and gets paid for it. Those scumbags exist, I'm related to one, and I'm a 13 year truck driver.

Currently searching for work, Southwestern PA, hit me up

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Only peace matters

As a trucker for 15 years I believe semi-trucks and regular cars should have separate highways of travel especially in bigger cities.

Patrick Lewis

I agree. In fact, I have held that belief for years. However, that's not likely, so it would cost a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Chance Waltz

this i believe will never happen thx to inflation and increasing fuel prices! unless something like a sepreate lane for semi's with barriers that can prevent a truck from smashing into cars in the other lanes


Good luck having the Government pay for that 😂

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