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Ben Artzi Lyrics

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Atlantia Universidad

Cuanto tiene que ganar una persona para poder comprarse ese auto? Ejemplo en Mexico 20mil * 3% annual = $7200 / Aumento 2 : 25mil * 6.5% annual = $19500 / Aumento 3 : 30mil * 9.4% anual = $33,840 / Aumento 4 : 35mil * 11.6% = $48720 / Aumento 5 : 40mil * 13.6% = $65280
Subtotal = 7200+19500+33840+48720+65280= $174540
Inflacion = 5% annual * 5 años = 25% de inflacion
Valor Real= Año 1 : $-4800
Año 2 : $4500
Año 3: $ 15840
Año 4: $ 27720
Año 5: $ 45120

Total: $88380

No se si mi jefe me quiera subir de salario...

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Ivy Cheang

It was never meant to be funny, and I simply couldn't stand people joking about his accent. They say "be the change you want to see in this world", so I tried my best. Being mean does nothing to improve the world, but every speaker on TED are trying their best to do something for the world. I find it pointless to dwell on such trivial details of a person and to deter from the content the person was trying to present.


Finally, a voice of reason in a sea of idiocy.
Thank you Ivy, for your wise input!


Great talk Shlomo. Very inspirational

Bruce Hudson

Just had dinner and watched this TED seminar from beginning to end. It talks about "behavioural finance on steroids". In this presentation, Shlomo Benartzi taught about stuff that left me understanding more about how I have acted in the past. More than that, he opens the door to a new (at least new to me) way of thinking that has the potential to be applied in areas well beyond what was discussed. Inspirational.

Belton Boisselle

This definitely made me stop and think! Interesting points.

Peteena Poodle

I would definitely eat bananas-now and next week too!


@Blurns "Release Rodderick" would be pretty good as well.

Lisa Resch

Great talk!!

PatricK WithaKay

@Blurns brilliant hahahahahahaha


I work with seniors every day and the biggest problem is they saved for so long they don't know how to distribute their money efficiently. they leave it in the market and let it drop and worry.

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