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Space Cruise
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The Sly Fox

What people don't really notice is the fact that this song is one of their favorites. No matter if you're there on a speed run, a grind run, or a fun run. You boot up the game and this song will always greet you. May blue events light your path.

RazLooa Fish

You Sir Are A Good Man And Correct, This Song Is My Favorite And I Can Fall Asleep To It.

The last Roman

@McCarthy's Ghost sorry bro, space labour unions

Mister K

May the scrap be with ya

McCarthy's Ghost

(Missile Weapon) Offer to solve their problem by launching a missile.


This soundtrack is amazing because it sets the mood of the entire game in the first chord.

Saad Kebach

Matthew it does !

OmegaTimberwolf Gaming

This soundtrack is super underappreciated, same with the game. Anyone else agree?

Yellow Squid

If I am ever suffocating in space, I wan't this to be playing while I die.


It's genuinely the best soundtrack I've ever heard for any video game. I just wish there was a proper ending theme but otherwise it's perfection.

It's so minimalist but it achieves so much with what it has. And I love how it reprises so many melodies from the other themes but gives them an entirely different emotion

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