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Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out
Bentley Rhythm Ace Lyrics

I love it
I love it...

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I used to work with autistic men and one of them, Jorge, ignored all music, till one day I played some trip hop. He began to do his own kind of dance to it, and so I began to look for similar music for him. I found this and he LOVED it. He also loved sitar-based trip hop. he continued to ignore all other music, but was always happy if I played Tricky, this, etc.


Damn, that explains a lot!!! 🤣

Lucca Solomon

@Kylan Rory Happy to help xD

Kylan Rory

@Lucca Solomon thanks, signed up and it seems like a nice service :) Appreciate it !!

Lucca Solomon

@Kylan Rory flixportal xD

Kylan Rory

i guess it is quite randomly asking but do anyone know a good website to watch new series online?

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ryan anderson

god the sound of this style of music just brings back so many awesome memories


'90s - the best decade for music. just fucking epic

Adam Full

Would love to gone nightclub in the 1990s

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Angelica Ramos

I've been looking for this song for many years and finally... it found me!

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