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Oh No No
Bernie Paul Lyrics

You tried to call me,
To see me last night.
You said you were lonely but time wasn't right -
Oh no, no. Oh no, no.
She knows my ambitions, excuses allright
But I can't be busy night after night -
Oh no, no. Oh no, no.

I made you believe that I was alone
'til you heard that woman answer my phone.
Oh no, no. Oh no, no.
And I was a fool when I thought you were blind,
But I can't help it - I'm one of that kind.
Oh no, no. Oh no, no.

And I'm longing to see you,
I'd sure like to please you.
It's hard to forget you
But feel that I have to.

For once in my life I'll quit hangin' round,
Shure it ain't easy to break with you.
For once in my life it won't get me down.
No, it won't get me down.

I thought it was easy to tell you my lies,
I didn't dare when I looked in your eyes.
Oh no, no. Oh no, no.
I know that you're lonely but I'm lonely too,
Breakin' up with her ain't easy to do.
Oh no, no. Oh no, no.

And I'm longing to see you, . . .

For once in my life, . . .

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Comments from YouTube:


Estupenda canción, ritmo muy contagioso, te dan ganas de bailar. 😊🙌🏻


Hermosa melodía, tenía años de no escucharla

Iris Sowada

Die 80ziger Jahre war die Musik so geil,auch von den 70ger Jahren! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🎸🥁🎻🎺🪗🥁🪕🎻🎺🎸🪗🥁🪕🎻🎺🎸Heute ist andere Zeit und andere Musik! Das heißt nicht das es jetzt keine geile Musik mehr gibt,auch geil nur anders geil!😉😆😉😁👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Musik macht glücklich.🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

ali afaaq Khan

beautiful song from an era of golden age of music.

César Henriquez

bonito tema,suave, melancólico y buenos recuerdos .. Gracias


Por favor si alguien pudiera subir la versión en español, que también es muy buena. Saludos desde Lima, Perú.


Yo también tengo años intentando conseguirla y no me ha Sido posible.

M.Caroline Szőke

Bravo,Bravo Bernie! Wonderful and great song! THANKS!!!💖♥️😀😃💖♥️


Cómo olvidar esta hermosísima canción 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Robert Krysiak

Timeless music !!!

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