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Bert Jansch Lyrics


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Having discovered Bert in the first week at college, I spent most of that first year listening to this LP and of course learning Angie. It was magic to my ears. Not good for my academic career but it did define the path I have subsequently trodden. Thanks Bert, from a guy in the crowd at the back of the hall.

Bob Berto

Love how spooky it sounds. That's probably not the right word but as close as I could think of. Maybe haunting is a better.

Ian Pickenheim

This is insane. He is playing the bass line and the guitar part at the same time. That's ridiculous. I can't imagine how tough this song is to play on a guitar. I thought me learning White Summer was good but this, this is just incredible!

Leon Margerison

@musik102yeah I thought it sounded really difficult to play when I first heard it for the same reason... until I tried It and although it appears he is playing the baseline separately, when you actually learn it, you think if it as one note after the other and not two separate pieces I think if you learnt the melody separate to the baseline and then tried to add the baseline on thinking of them as two different parts of the song it would become very difficult


It's not that tough if you learn it SLOWLY! Of course, to play with Bert's feel and attack and flair...well, that's another matter entirely.

Joanne Crabtree

My dear departed friend, Bert Jansch, would be the first person to set the world straight as to who actually wrote Angie (originally titled "Anji"), but since Bert is not here, let me just say ... DAVY GRAHAM WROTE ANJI !!! ... In London, England circa 1964 -65 (the years I was performing there, under the name Joanne Hindley-Smith) all the serious pickers learned "Anji" and competed with one another as to who could create the most superlative rendition. This version might VERY well BE the most dynamically exciting version ever, but nevertheless, let there be no mistake, DAVY GRAHAM WROTE ANJI (AKA ANGIE)


Yes, he did his version, and we all know the original based on a Work Song first recording and first release by Nat Adderley (January 27, 1960 / 1960). So? What's your point?


Exactly so..but I still asked him to play it as I loved his rendition.🙏♥️


Indeed, let's give back to Davy what's belongs to him. Interestingly, his original version was easier to play than Bert's. But they both have to be remembered with respect: the creator and the interprete. Being French, I heard of this tune from a LP by Bert, around 73/74. But I could listen to the original years later, thanks to Youtube. Bert Jansch and John Renbourn were famous among the guitar fans, but not so many folks would know about Davy Graham. In fact, the French public was not too familiar with the British folk. they knew Donovan, Renbourn, but not so many would know about Martin Carty, the Watersons, and bands like Steeleye Span or Fairport Convention. I heard of them through Alan Stivell, who used to say that they were an inspiration to him when he started to tour with his band.

Brenda Roberts

I worked at les cousins and knew both Bert and Davy. Listened to so many fine fine performances. Davy wrote Angi. Such a wonderful time to live. I was so lucky.

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