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Clean Up Woman
Betty Wright Lyrics

A clean up woman is a woman who
Gets all the love we girls leave behind
The reason I know so much about her
Is because she picked up a man of mine

Jumpin' slick was my ruin
'Cause I found out all I was doin'
Was makin' it easy for the clean up woman
To get my man's love, aww, yeah
Just makin' it easy for the clean up woman
To get my baby's love, huh huh

I took this man's love and put it on a shelf
And, like a fool, I thought I had him all to myself
When he needed love, I was out havin' fun
But I found out that all I had done
Was made it easy for the clean up woman
To get my man's love, huh huh
Yeah, that's what I did
I made it easy for the clean up woman
To steal my baby's love, aw, yeah

The clean up woman will wipe his blues away
She'll give him plenty lovin', twenty four hours a day
The clean up woman, she'll sweep him off his feet
She's the one who'll take him in when you dump him in the street
So take a tip, you better get hip
To the clean up woman, 'cause she's tough
I mean, she really cleans up

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Comments from YouTube:

Serpentine913 Serp

Right now, Aretha probably saying, “Girl, what you doing here so soon? C’mon over here and give Auntie a hug!” Then they proceed to SANG up in Heaven with Lil Richard on piano.


Nah, Little Richard is gone home to be with the Lord. Don't know where Aretha and Betty's souls are.


@Gabriel Myatt It's an art giving to them, a talent which everyone doesn't get; which is something tht is lied about! So, at times an artist is going to go on how they actually feel, things they go through/engage in, nd subjects/topics tht are relevant at their time! It doesn't change the fact tht their whole life they've maybe been God-fearing, nd felt mostly tht they were only doing what HE put them on this earth/planet to matter how crazy, mind-boggling, confusing could be for others!

Nicola Brooks



Beautiful Thought, Love it!!!

Zalaya Andrews

Betty should've been right up there with Aretha, as far as the fame and popularity

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Bunnie Aries

She was talented Idk why she wasn’t honored R.I.P

Krissie Esposito

Absolutely agree, amazing singer! She most definitely should be honored

Debbie Wells

U Damn shole rite frfr... R. I. P.

Tina Allen


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