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Just Touched Down
Big K.R.I.T. Lyrics

I just touched down (touched down)
Aye what it is shawty (yeah)
I'm going places shawty
I just touched down (touched down)
Aye what it is shawty (yeah)
I'm going places shawty
I just touched down (touched down)
Aye what it is shawty (yeah)
I'm going places shawty
I just touched down
Just-just j-just-just j-just down
I just-just j-just-just j-just...

[Verse 1:]
I just touched down in my city on chrome
Working wood wheel from a yella gettin' dome
Gators on my toes, love how I'm livin'
Aye tell me what I'm doing if I ain't fuckin' pimpin'
I had some major setbacks but I'm still grindin'
Haters love to see me down but I'm still shinin'
Motivate the real and the trill to get this dough
I gotta little hustle plus I'm good with my flow
Push it to the max when I steer into a bitch
I tell her get this money, have no love for a trick
It's all about the (?) girl, you gotta be a beast (?)
And can't no ho around my city escape my mouthpiece
I'm something like Golden, call me a mack
I put up on the track and they bring it right back
Cause pimpin' is my child (?) for miles
Still block a (?) I'm a whole professional (?)


[Verse 2:]
I just got paid, working on a slab
When y'all was watching cartoons I was peeping Shafts
I'm only 18, but I'm feeled by the grown folk
Hit that Bobby Brown but my rapping shit is strong though
Put it in your face, every bar and every line
Feeling cash like Ray (?), I'm a pimp in my mind
King in my rhyme
Fuck you think different?
They call me Saint Nick cause my flow so gifted
I'm still hollin' greater (?) later to my niggas locked up
All them OGs, and soldier (?) fuckin' blocks up
What's the damn deal? Holla at a playa
I hate a bitch, (?) keep walking if it ain't about paper
I'm trill in my field, down like 4 flat (?)
Tires on cutthroat, S-S-R Cadillac
Might have (?) on the syrup I've been sippin'
(?) came out my momma's womb breathing life into this pimpin'


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Comments from YouTube:


I just touched down 2014--->2020


Straight pimp c influenced

Kyle G

Do y'all think that background singing is a sample from across 110th st by bobby womack?

Stephanie Young

It is

Alex Ruma

Yeah that's what brought me back to this track

Denzel Mayfield

Kyle G it is

Kimiesha Hill

Bobby Womack reminds me of day day calling pinky a Bobby Womack looking mf and that was funny af

Josh Batiste

Kyle G it is

Eddie Martinez

Too real fo da radio

B Felder


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