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Born Unto Trouble
Bill Elm Woody Jackson Lyrics

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Brings back so many memories of me at midnight just riding around the dying old West as the legendary cowboy, John Marston

Gavin Brockschmidt

Real smooth,love it.

CMC Productions

I still remember buying RDR 1 for Xbox 360. I didn't get a next gen console until early 2017, and didn't play or buy Red Dead Redemption, until late 2016. So I was late to the party. Actually, what made me remember it existed, and REALLY want to buy it, was seeing that first Red Dead II teaser trailer. Once I bought the first one, I was SO addicted. I literally played that game, all day, and all night. I still remember having a bug happen in the game, where there were like 8 Mexican soldiers, all lined up, and floating in the air, frozen in T-pose. Thought it was so funny, I took a photo of it, and posted it on my Facebook page. It's still on there.

Richard Kaľavský

There is a rdr2 version? I thought only the original had it and it sounds exactly the same


Well I always saw it, and heard it, as this is John’s sense of regret and guilt over all that’s happened in his past. That’s why it plays in RDR1 as you’re playing him because he’s now forced to face his past and deal with the consequences with the government and all that. That’s why it doesn’t play in RDR2, even playing as John in Armadillo and New Austin because he wasn’t in that place yet in his life so the music wouldn’t make sense. Like it’s not the area that’s the music, it’s John’s state of mind and spirit, and that point in time in his life. Also now that RDR2 is a thing, after that, this music’s now enhanced in that it’s the end of this story of Dutch’s gang and the overall vibe of the sadness and aftermath of what went down in RDR2. Having said that, I completely agree RDR2 lacked in having memorable, powerful music like this one haha.

John P. Smith A Simple Man

Luis Armando Cisneros I know it sucks :(

Luis Cisneros Vargas

Cadel Gent agree, but actually, part of the game develops in some western and uncivilized areas and even though, the game still uses the non western sounds in there.

If I’m in Saint Denis, of course I’m not expecting western sounds in general, I expect New Orleans music vibes, and in certain ways they made it.

But if you go to Armadillo, or Tumbleweed, or Blackwater; there’s no music, not a single tone or song, that resemble the place you’re visiting (uncivilized western fields).

Cadel Gent

@Luis Cisneros Vargasrdr2 was the gang moving east toward civilization thats why there are no western tracks


Luis Armando Cisneros The first one was the best. The atmosphere was just perfect for what they wanted and the music was phenomenal.. Shame the sequel didn’t have those iconic tracks or really it’s own iconic tracks.. Or an Undead Nightmare sequel.. ;(

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that big guy

Im getting some far cry 5 vibes from this

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