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Birdy Nam Nam Lyrics

This is an instrumental song

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Sometimes in life you come across something so amazing, you can't really begin to wrap your head around it and understand it , or explain it. This is one of those things... Phenomenal.

Benton Grant

I’m sober now but man one of my greatest memories was candy flipping at ultra 2012 and seeing these guys live. I was sitting on a hill overlooking the Miami skyline at about 6pm on a warm summer day. I was lost in my LSD trip and had forgotten that I had taken molly also. I was sitting perfectly between two palm trees as my body suddenly began to feel amazing. As the sensation took over, I looked up and saw a sliver of light coming from the sun setting over the Miami skyline. The light was shining right on me between the two palm trees as birdy nam nam was jamming in the background. Truly an amazing experience and one I’ll never forget


@thaabiet majiet i’m tripping tomorrow on the river wish me luck

thaabiet majiet

That sounds beautiful man!


Me too I plan on tripping some time soon. Birdy will definitely be on the playlist

Daimien Dedrie

@ThrowBack Tokyo true

The Atoet


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ThrowBack Tokyo

2021 and still killer. Wiki says these dudes are still active but I haven’t heard anything for years now

Kolos Gergely

Pls bring back this @BirdyNamNam


It' s kind of a supergroup and each of these guys has a very prolific solo career, so the project being dormant does not mean tat the band is over.

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