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Black Violin Lyrics

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This song was the first I heard by Black Violin and I've been hooked. A unique and intuitive blend of the musical art- An instant classic for modern musical appreciation.

Marc Scordato

Bach is the master of form and structure his compositions are beautifully constructed. New renditions of classics can be cheesy and tacky but that’s not the case here. This is respectful elegant and sophisticated
Fabulous !

Wilbur Jenkins

Bach is great, but he's no Mozart with an electric keyboard.

Luna Moon

This is EPIC. I have been searching for something like EXACTLY like this to choreograph to. So stoked on this album. Violin + Fun-kay beats = A Global Fusion Belly dancers dream come true :)

Gorilla Jones

These guys need to do some Vivaldi, especially concerto for 2 cellos, that would be incredible.

Ookii Yen

This is my Favorite piece by Black Violin. The first one I ever heard by them. Its programed as my ring tone... I absolutely love it!


I love this!! They are amazing musicians. I play various types of music and know that all music is related one way or another it just takes gifted artists to show it to the rest of the world and they did a beautiful job!

Gumdrop Buttons

The 24 people who disliked this piece need to be reprogrammed to understand what music is and where the new music they listen was originally from I love this piece!!!!!


Lol ikr


By reprogrammed you must mean made less intelligent. That is exactly what it would take for me to like this.

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