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Mystery and confusion
Blaine L. Reininger Lyrics

They were riding the Metro into town
Listening to the latest noise
Modern girls with headphones on their heads
Modern European boys
Βusinessmen in leather overcoats
Staring at their wrist T.V.′s
Pale accountants balancing the books
Computers resting on their knees
Modern Europe in between wars
Wears Japanese technology.
Why start a war when the future's just arrived?
It′s a mystery to me

Mystery and confusion
History as illusion
Mystery and confusion
History as illusion
Mystery and confusion
History as illusion
Mystery and confusion
History as illusion

Writer(s): Blaine L. Reininger, Michael Belfer

Contributed by Riley I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


This is a song i carry whit me for almost thirthy years now, Still it sounds great... sometimes i play it inside my head, solo in silence for others... Still give me chills you know.


This is a wonderful, powerful song and a great tribute to my city back in those days. Thanks for this great video!

Sam DL

Yes 1984 Brussels… amazing


Wow! I have never seen this video before, but I love the song. Years go quickly...thank you for posting it!


I'm almost having tears in my eyes - I listend to him such a long time ago!!! He was one of my favorites. And Tuxedomoon my favorite band. I saw him live in Germany in Frankfurt at the Batschkapp when I was 21...well that was 22 years ago. Never saw this video - great memories and I am still as crazy


Wow, I posted this 12 years ago...time goes by so fast, too fast. Enjoy every day!

Friccion One

I saw hin too in Hannover, i dont remember the year, but maybe was in 1995 aprox, Great moments

Angelo Amoroso d'Aragona

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! I'm so stupid! It's 20 years I'm trying this song. It was on a tape casually abandoned in my car. I loved the tuxedomoon and this this voice was familiar to me but this song didn't exist on discography of Tuxedomoon. And today, after 20 years, I meet it again. After the concert of 2007, in Bari I know: Reininger is the best! Now I'm going to buy Night Air!


It's wonderful listen the individual work from Blaine, I just listened a few of them and if anybody would tell me where can find his albums I thank a lot...

Thierry Botteman

This track is sooo good..great lyrics too..just remember me the good old time at 'Le beau Bruxelles' on saturday night

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