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Blimp Rock Lyrics

We have lyrics for '401' by these artists:

Greg MacPherson People stretched out over kilometres of vinyl with lives to…
Quessswho Hey, oh Je belt om half 2 Zeg me waar moet ik…
Rochelle Jordan Tell me how it supposed to be bad I'm the best…

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Comments from YouTube:


I often come across comments about music like the one in this vid displaying "outrage" about how such and such has "only" so many views compared to inferior tunes garnering millions, and in some cases, billions.

I for one enjoy my exclusivity in knowing that I'm one of the few that can appreciate it separately from where it was featured in PW. Yes, it's what brought me here, but the tune is what keeps me here.

Azrul Ariff

I came here after watching the season 1 finale of People Watching. Best decision I did today.

Muhammed Gökmen

I literally just finished the 1st season's finale and came looking for the song. Here's the 1st like then. Thanks for uploading, I love the guitars after 3:24 onwards :)

Emmaline May

I love this song so much, I play it almost every week on my radio show 😂 wish you guys would make more music!!

Pete Moss

Aw, thanks for saying that! I wish we had more music to give you! I (Peter) have a new kids album about plants if you look up "Pete Moss - Plants Rock", and hopefully there will be new Blimp Rock tunes soon ♥️

Felipe Bleichvel

that 'that's not all' just catches my soul.

Ordinary Tree

I love hearing a song about my homeland. Fuck I hate/love the 401. Thank you all.

I want to share this song with all my friends, from Southern Ontario

Johnny Branchizio

Hello I have subscribed to your channel I really like your content I am looking for some inspiration for my videos... Keep it up!

Tardar Sauce

Hey @Blimp Rock! Love the song as much as I love People Watching! Also, I have a question: what's that high-pitched guitar sound in the background from 1:42 to 3:04 called? As a music lover but not a connoisseur, not knowing what it's called is driving me crazy

Peter Demakos

Hey Ubbe! Peter from Blimp Rock here. That's a really good question. That sound was a decision made by the producer of the song James Bunton. He's on twitter @rowsandrows and I'm sure he'd be happy to answer your question there! Let me know cause I love the sound and would love to know as well!

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