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Zero For Conduct
Block B - Bastarz Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Zero For Conduct' by these artists:

Bastarz BASTARZ AS YOU KNOW WE OWN IT Araseodeul sonttae Jeoldae hyu…
BLOCK B Bastarz Bastarz At you know we own it Araseodeul sonttae Jeoldae hyu…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Block B - Bastarz:

Charles Chaplin You're so beautiful one girl ireon Home boy deuli hal beobha…
Easy 그래 그건 한 편의 드라마였어 막이 내린 후 끝이 난 걸…
From Seoul Tokyo to Seoul LA Long time no see ma fans 대충 걸친…
Help Me Bastarz Oh 겁 없이 만나봤지 다 똑같아 별거 없지 I wake up…
If Not Me Who 멀리서 나를 보는 눈빛이 I know what u think 별다를 게…
Sue Me Nan jilal majgi yumyeonghan gaesaekki Cocker swibge juche an…

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Comments from YouTube:

Table for Two

I'm really digging this concept. I like it a lot! Good job, boys~

Donna Brown

Woojong woojong!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Gilverton Gomes

fizzyfoster a o

patty de Rivas

Woojong with the Word o.
;*,0 vñ g4 esutq w de 9hj o mñ o 811n mj ID py que iiii x

patty de Rivas

Woojong with the Word. Mk lkk o o 7q ok ñ 5


natascha zehar But how would you see them if they were a ninja hmmmm? 🤔🤔😂😂

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Emma Ward

honestly block b was the only one able to compare to YG's MV craziness

Rayhan Baras

you should see khh artists mvs then

Anandita Agarwal


Carolina Maciel


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