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Time To Kill
Body of Light Lyrics

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Alice Cooper Well, I was born on a dead end street I'm…
Channel 3 I've got some time on my hands That time is red…
Deep Purple Consider your position position your defense Why don't you …
Gentle Giant Rests where he's staying, nowhere he knows, A place where n…
Gold & Youth Poisoned hollowed townies Wallow on our corners Take the …
Horslips I see the last black swan Fly past the sun. I wish…
Neil Innes The sun is in the sky The stars still burn Beneath my…
Overkill Violent indecision, surge of mass religion Let me out of pr…
Sophie Zelmani For your own good For your demons For your husband For yo…
Ten Years After I'm coming on the limit down the one way track I hit…
The Band The many roads I've covered The many trails I've burned But …
The Last Waltz Ensemble The many roads I've covered, The many trails I've burned, …
U.K. Rip the sheets off, ice cold again Wolf at the door Can…
UK Rip the sheets off, ice cold again Wolf at the door Can…
Ultravox Sitting on a train going round, round, get around Looking a…
Wild Angels The many roads I've covered, The many trails I've burned, …
Youth Stretch me to the point where I stop Run ten thousand…

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Fetta Boy Productions

Body of light
Drab majesty
Choir boy
Cold cave
Along with
Boy Harsher
Lust for youth
Lebanon Hanover
She past away
Minuit machine
Geometric Vision
Double echo
Sssleeping Desires
And there is many more of the dark wave/pop wave/millennial wave music that have fully restored my faith in music. In a industry where nothing but manufactured bs is glorified it is the most refreshing feeling to have real music and thanks to dias for giving these artist a chance!

Fetta Boy Productions

Body of Light is a nostalgia 80’s baby music dream come true
New wave mixed with freestyle
There old stuff is so f in underrated
“Watch your back “
“Hole in the wall”
“Limits of reason”
“Is it gone”
“Wayside city”
All great music that is more original then any other band doing it

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This is a modern day classic. Years from now, people will consider this track an important staple in the true golden era of Dais Records. Best record label since Wax Trax!

Demonic Sweaters

Totally agree. Dais is basically the only company keeping record labels actually relevant in general.

Tom Stephen

Infacted and some other great record labels of industrial exists, but indeed Dais is one of the most innovative and true to their roots. Having something "theirs" in roaster choices rather than being just "industrial stuff".

Craig Willers

He reminds me of Neil Tennant :)

celia ayneto

Lunatic4Bizcas yep


Reminds me of Simple Minds with the avant garde subject matter of Soft Cell.

Offensive Username

Pet Shop Boys 2.0.


No, "Elegant Machinery" 2.0.


yes... already seen it!!! better to consider other tracks from this duo!!

Roger Flores

I think Dais records with Cold Cave, Cold Showers, Drab Majesty/VR SEX are hitting very hard this shit in times when you feel insecure about music lol, practically there is no bad bands in Dais Records

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