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Bond Lyrics

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Papaya Gurl

It's been years since I last heard this...

I remember I was in elementary school when I started writing a story. I found this song and thought it would be super cool to have a prequel/backstory based off of this song. It was so inspiring to me back then.

Now I'm in high school, haven't touched that story in years, and I can't help but remember how happy I was working on that project with my friends. I hope I can reconnect with them soon.

This song is so spectacularly performed. Even today, I'm entranced and I hope it can continue to inspire others <3


Oh same! Years! Great to find this again




If you ever revisit this story and put it down on paper, know that you have an interested reader in me (another fellow YouTube stranger). Good luck in your creative endeavours!

Emily Neal

This played while I was driving late to work....most intense drive ever

Fredy De La Serna

Voy a intentarlo!!

Jeanne Nixon

Need for sped, Forza o rapidos y furiosos 2000 🤣🤣🤣🤣 yo tambien jugando... muy buena!!!! Calidad😎💖👌🏽

Angela Smith

”...and just imagine me in the passenger side!” We would own that road! Fast and Furious the women's version!!!

Angela Smith

That's just how l feel while working out at LA Fitness! This piece in loop mode, listening to it out loud!

Krusty krabs


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