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Bond Lyrics

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Abigale Kirsten

but why is Andreas Johnson - Glorious not credited? everytime i try to search for this song in case i forget the title i can never find it.
For anyone wondering what i am talking about,
Listen to Andreas Johnson - Glorious
or Elliot Minor - Glorious (my favorite version)

The tune is inspired from there.

Jose Gabriel

Hugo Celati

Yes! You are right!


I love that song, very underrated song

Maryanne Rapana

Abigale Kirsten YEAHH I remember this is so priceless but regardless it done in his own style but bloody awesome 👏🏻👏🏻

Daniela Arroba

yeah is true



Emily Neal

This played while I was driving late to work....most intense drive ever

Evelyn Cesena

Can't stop laughing imagining myself being late to work with this song


Same lol

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