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Night Falls
Booka Shade Lyrics

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I first discovered this track in 2010 6 years ago and still to this day one of my favorite songs

Good job to
Booka shade

and Congratulations on your success

I see now that you're at 2.2 million views

and I remember when you were at 10,000:)

so God bless you congratulations and keep up the Good vibes!!

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If you're still listening in 2021, we've made it this far my friend...we will survive. I love you stranger.

El Hombr3

2022. Putin gowing crazy in europa

Dogo Loucy


Fran Ben



Welcome all to the Year of Our Lord 2,022. Even me, miraculously, several times over and through.

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Anna Jaskólska

2020 still feeling goosebumbs. What an amazing tune...


2022 and counting

RUS_ 88

2021 🔥


Whenever I hear Booka Shade, The fabric of space and time tears open and I am sucked into the belly of creation. No mind, No body, Just sound. That's where I dance. That is the power and beauty of emotive dance music.... 


Hi i hope youre good

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