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Roads Must Roll
Boom Bip Lyrics

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The Matter I know it makes you feel sad Then you look at…

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Comments from YouTube:

Dan Burford

i have loved this track for so many years, played it in so many DJ sets. bliss


This is so beautiful!  Thanks for sharing it!


Damn, wow. I hear this fantastic song start, I save it a few seconds in, then it turns out to use a sample from one of my favorite Zelda songs ever - on a station that has nothing to do with Zelda - and here I find an old comment from none other than you! What an awesome chain of events. That's some crazy small world stuff right there.

Orion Wyler

This is a great track. Here from SiriusXM’s Chillhop. Never played any of the Zelda games although doesn’t surprise me. Some of the best music today comes from games. The soundtracks to Skyrim and WoW Classic are fantastic on their own.

Faye 🏹

Same. Like, exactly same.

Jack with a Hat

Check out Dark Souls 1 OST, absolutely spectacular

young dreamer

Check out the Guild Wars 1 OST. Also by Jeremy Soule, it's similar to Oblivion's but imo more refined and less cheesy western fantasy-ish.

Christopher Murphy

This is epic, from the scratch to the strings and back.


Artistic masterpiece!

Lybi2 Thntx

One of my fav. Track awesome beauty symphonic abstract hip hop. 🔝

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