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Super Are
Boredoms Lyrics

You are..
Our universe B-O-R-E-D-O-M-S the star the moon the earth the sun
In the sun

Contributed by Max I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Darren Richardson

I saw Death Grips the other night, they didn't have a support act, this whole album was played instead, I hadn't listened to it for a few years, I've now listened to it 6 times in a week. One word....


Saraiva Toledo

@Samuel Sandoval YAMATSUKA !!!!

John Baxter

That's a huge set of balls right there

Jack Wood

@Travis Ramey Sadler that's two words

Samuel Sandoval

@skankbowlfight Zach Hill has worked with Boredoms and Yamantaka Eye a lot, it's pretty likely it was their suggestion to play it


Much respect if it was DG that played it. Otherwise I want to know the venue you were at

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Saw these guys open up for nirvana at the detroit state fairgrounds in 1994 in high school. They had shiny helium ballons tied to their pants and they jumped in the air and bumped chests!! AMAZING!

VRRay OfMinneapolis


Beeble Booble

I was there, you're right. It was October, 1993, 2-3 days before Halloween. Meat Puppets were there, too. Boredoms fucking killed it. Blew me away.

Josh LaClair

Did you see any robots closing in on Yoshimi?

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