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Happens To Us All Otherwise
Bound Stems Lyrics

In all my life, all my years, we take it 'til it hurts then wait until it heals.
We watch the night dry up and take the lonely ride; we're not going into work if you're right. Take my place, a stand-up kid... I was thinking all about it because I knew where he'd been. Shifted in his chair with the sheer delight--it took me weeks for these words. Weeks to admit I was right:
There's a lot of everything--oh, 'til it goes, oh 'til it goes. And: there's a lot of everything.
March 'til you fall... and listen to it fade away. Fumble at the door while the telephone rings! (telephone rings) It hasn't been a week yet, fine. Linger in the revelry... It happens to us all otherwise: turn while we run, but act like you mean it!

She says we've got one foot out the door.

--and all my life, all my years, we wait until it's over. Wait until we're here: we see the car drive up, and the kids play nice (be sure to rest up for the night!)... All my love, all my tears: Yes, you've made a difference! Yes, you made it clear! We watch the sky light up and shake from side to side. It took me years for these words, years to admit I WAS RIGHT!
And so we go for everything. And always so it goes, but oh so we go. And so it goes for everything--

We say she's got one foot out the door.

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