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BoySetsFire Lyrics

I never thought this could be me
I guess you never do
Until it's happening to you
Like all the fun turns into shame
And all the 'could have beens'
So little time so many crimes
Guilt like a chain chokes my will away
Redemption never seemed so cruel
And all my gods never seemed so weak

Wake up engage
Now derailed and enraged
It used to be so easy
Get up I'm game
Now sick and I'm tame
Counting cost with loss

Where is the hope they gave
Don't think I can't hear you laugh
I used to be a lot like you but now I'm only me
I used to be a lot like you but now I'm only me
I'm only me

Drinks to pills to shots
Fun turns into shock
A habit and a pawn
For every hand goes round
The pain gets so damned loud
The hammer hits and I'm down, and I'm down, and I'm down, and I'm down

Trust no one
Hey why should I
They give me the poison dressed like life
Cheated smacked up and diseased
Cry to sleep and fight to eat
Used to be a pro at this
Now I've broken my own wrist
Rotten teeth and life unsung
You'll forget me when I'm gone


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Comments from YouTube:

Metal Arcade

Who's listening to this masterpiece in 2020? I remember seeing these guys in 2004

stellan mccarthy

2022 still listening

Ian Medford

2022... Saw em in a little club in Portland Maine in 2007. I'd just gotten out of jail the previous day. I was sitting at the bar, and the guy next to was one of BoySetsFire guitar players. I just about shit my pants. We got talking and I asked them to pla Rookie for me because it was and will always be my song about recovery from heroin addiction. (Which was confirmed for me: yes, the song is about kicking heroin)
They played an amazing amazing amazing settings, then they closed the show with Rookie, and Nate got right down low, extended the microphone, and I sang the last few bars with him.
Then the guys gave me the set list, and we talked for a few minutes afterwards. Best experience I ever had a concert ever, and I've been going to hardcore shows since the mid 90's. I genuinely appreciate the band and thus song in particular. One of the few pieces of music that had a real impact on my life.

Шаков Сергей

даже в 21, раньше под них на велосипеде было крайне замечательно катать. один раз 100 км проехал исключительно их слушая =)

Xha Xha Bingz

Dude! Love this Song played these Days 1080 Avalanche on my Game Cube again and this song is in the Soundtrack of that Game! 💚


2021 this entire album can now be considered a "classic "

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I forgot all about this song. It means a hell of a lot more to me now at 31 than when I was 18.


The year 2000 shit no eric

Wyo AnCap

Word. 34 years old here and it makes more sense than ever.

Brian BigB Clark

Been a fan for 19 years! This song means more to me today at 40, than it did when I was 21!

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