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Waiting for a Star to Fall
Boy Meets Girl Lyrics

I hear your name whispered on the wind
It's a sound that makes me cry
I hear a song blow again and again
Through my mind and I don't know why
I wish I didn't feel so strong about you
Like happiness and love revolve around you

Trying to catch your heart
Is like trying to catch a star
So many people love you baby
That must be what you are

Waiting for a star to fall
And carry your heart into my arms
That's where you belong
In my arms baby, yeah

I've learned to feel what I cannot see
But with you I lose that vision
I don't know how to dream your dream
So I'm all caught up in superstition
I want to reach out and pull you to me
Who says I should let a wild one go free?

Trying to catch your heart
Is like trying to catch a star
But I can't love you this much baby
And love you from this far

Waiting for a star to fall
And carry your heart into my arms
That's where you belong
In my arms baby, yeah

Waiting (however long)
I don't like waiting (I'll wait for you)
It's so hard waiting (don't be too long)
Seems like waiting (makes me love you even more)

Waiting for a star to fall
And carry your heart into my arms
That's where you belong
In my arms baby, yeah

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: George Robert Merrill, Shannon Rubicam

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Brad Fiegehen

@John Gill No mullet for me. lol.
My hair was parted on the side, but the bleached denim jeans and high tops were a staple to say the least.
Bon Jovi was my second concert. Skid Row opened up.
Half stadium at the CNE.
After the show we went to a club called Rock and Roll Heaven??? I think that was the name. lol.
Anyways, we went inside and were putting a few beers down.
There was going to be a special appearance, and to our surprise it was Skid Row.
Pretty amazing indeed.
Good times, no cell phones, no computers like we have today. Pretty simple life.
Economic good times, great looking girls, and if somebody wanted to get a hold of you, it was written down on a piece of paper at home, or on your answering machine.
A time capsule would be great right now!
Be well, and keep rock'in.

Brad Fiegehen

@John Gill Hey John. Just got your comment regarding my post.
I think allot of people miss understand many of us who loved our metal growing up.
Some think all we did was bang our heads. lol.
Truth be told, growing up in the 80's and going to High School was one of the best eras ever.
My music was quite diverse in a sense as I loved great beats, and rhythm.
The Cure, The Fixx, Michael Jackson were just a few non metal bands I really enjoyed.
Metal was at the top of my list, Metallica, Mega Death, Motley, Anthrax, Dio, Rush ( I considered it metal) etc.
First concert was Ozzy, Bark at the moon tour, with Ratt. April 1984 Maple Leafs Gardens.
Went to school the next day wearing my Ozzy concert shirt along with my top siders, and Lacoste pants.
That day I had a nickname through out the rest of my High School years. Heavy Metal Prep! lol
I think it is pretty cool when a metal head can actually say they love this song!
Have a blessed day.

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This is such an upbeat, feel good song. I love it, and listening to it always makes me feel happy! It's like it perfectly captures a happy time in a family's life.

tadgh o connell


Stefan Kokal


Silvia Lemus

The family is a blessing forever, enjoy

Justin Vardy

Dream your dream. Trying to catch your star

Sakhile Mthethwa

@PatrickRob82 well put. I was thinking about how I wish my parents had given me a few more years of their lives...I wanna give my kids exactly that God allowing. Lost mom at 17 and dad at 27.

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Kidicorn Toy Tales

This song is on repeat for me at the moment, I was born in the late 80's but I can imagine they were great days to be an adult!


@Turd Ferguson it was more a sarcastic comment then anything.

Turd Ferguson

@TH3DEV1L5SON Plenty of people got mugged, stabbed or both in the 80s. Geez - people romanticize the old times as if they were any better or safer than today. They really weren't. The music may be better than today's music, but overall, the 80s sucked for my family economically. Rich people got rich and the poor hardly got by.

Joe Harrison

It was. Great music of all kinds.

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