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In the Androgynous Dark
by Brambles

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Comments from YouTube:

Taylor Haugen

I imagine a giant lumbering monster wandering alone in a twilight forest...


This is simply amazing.

Jose Carlos Almansa Pérez



This song gives me a special feeling. Sounds like someone is thinking alone, and the world is filled of his/her series of questions. But I cannot understand the title. Does anyone have a good idea?


My interpretation suggests that the "dark" is neither male nor female (the meaning of androgynous) and because it is neither sex, the darkness can relate to all of us and through its relation to us, we can allow it to enter into us; hence the "in" in the title.


Why does this feel so much like the detroit become human themes OMG


This some Edgar Allan Poe music

kaustubh upadhyay

I though this track was hella smooth but I think the dark is gender fluid

Peter Wyatt

@polarbear242 So... a monster?


adjective: androgynous
partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex.

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