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Breakestra Lyrics

I've been hiding from your eyes
and staying out of reach
trying not to let my heart
keep reminding me
what I wished I'd shown you girl
when you were close enough to me
if I dont get another chance at least I have my peace
I've been hiding yeah (repeat) heeeey hey
Ive been hiding from your words and keeping my head clear
trying not to let my heart oh
drown under the fear
I've been hiding yeah (repeat 3x)
but I aint gonna hide no more - oh yeah(repeat 3x) noooo
if you can see - Oooh yeah
I've been hiding underneath these eyes
and I'm hoping you wont see
what a fool looks like pretending
that his love is not a dream
its waiting to be woken up or finally put to sleep
I can't live in this world between
what I wonder what I need
I've been hiding (repeat 3x)
but I aint gonna hide no more - ohh (repeat)
no mmmmmm
aint gonna hide no more yeah
if you can see then you can feel
just maybe then yeah you'll see what I mean
but I aint gonna hide no more (repeat)

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Comments from YouTube:

Simeon Chappell

I love this tune so much! Such a banging beat!


Love this tune!!!!

Jons van der Heul

Just saw a live performance of Syl Johnson in 2012. Guess who backed him up on stage: Breakestra. Wonderfull! The old man still has it in him.

Vicarious Johnson

Man I LOVED Inclined! Great to hear this singer and music!

Abdur Rahman

What a great song!

Bertie Hipkin

Such a good voice, man...

Guilherme Todorov

these guys were on another level. why did they had to stop? :(

Peter Zabriskie

Killer song ! ! ! Jamerson, Duck Dunn and ya'll know the others are proud.


My favorite song too! I´ve been listing to their album for quite some time, this song is the best ;)

Michael Bragg

Timeless music

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