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Worst Part
Breaking Pangaea Lyrics

I wanted to tell you what it was but I was afraid
I wanted to tell you it was love but I was ashamed
I wanted to know, I wanted to see, I wanted the same as anyone
But all that you love, and all that you need
Is more than could come from anyone

And the worst part is having no idea she said to me

I wanted to tell her everything but then it was gone as soon as it came
How did it change, what did you see, and did I just get it wrong

Cause the worst part is having no idea
The worst part is having no idea

I don't know what to tell you cause I don't know what you think
If it means a thing to you
Then I hope that you come through because the worst part is having no idea


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Comments from YouTube:

Kyle Hegedus

Fred without facial hair=Rivers Cuomo without his glasses!!!


Fetus Fred


I dont think Fred ever sang a song that wasnt good

Ian Dallier

The chorus is perfect, it's flow is so nice.

Travis-Colt Gray

Awwwwww the nostalgia! If only I had a time machine.

T Mac

Is this the same girl from Grand Theft Autumn music video?

Sarcastic Witch

Goddang this song is beautiful! I see what Fred was before he joined TBS! He ain't half bad at all in this music video!


The Girl From Grand Theft Autumn!

TCS Gaming

god this band was awesome.


is that screech from saved by the bell on drums? lol

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