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Song for Sienna
Brian Crain Lyrics

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Aaron Casteel

I stumbled across this song about 4 years ago when my wife was pregnant with our daughter. It wasn't until I was holding my baby girl against my shoulder head cradled in my neck dancing her to sleep that this song resonated with me.

This song is like watching a flower unfold in lapsed time.

Embracing her for the first time to embracing her 3 years later, every time we dance to this song I get teary eyed imagining the life that is ahead of her and all of the magical moments we get to spend together. There is a play written out for her life and I am there every step of the way in anticipation of that next joyful moment she will have.

Watching my baby girl struggle and pick herself up. Finding her own confidence. Failing and never willing to give up. The I can't do its followed by the I did it by myself. The years ahead that we have to share and the privilege it is to take part in watching her.

There couldn't be a more perfect song to describe a father's love for his daughter.

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Colin McNamee

Thumbs up if u heard this on pandora


Naw fam I stumbled upon this masterpiece three years ago on YouTube, in 2017. I went through a piano music phase then.

Patricia Taylor

@Alishia Boyle OH WOW !!! Wish I could've seen that - of course I'd be crying so many tears of joy! I bought the sheet music for piano after hearing it on Pandora. I never thought of it for the walk down the aisle - I'm sure it was beautiful as well as memorable for everyone!


Yes, that’s the reason what I came to YouTube.
It’s a beautiful melody. 😊❤️

Annabella Boom

me lol

smokey potter

It does not matter where or what you heard this music to or On,only know this,he who wishes to headbang,must listen to metal

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Kianndra Ki

Idk why this song makes me cry I just wanna be young again

Joshua LoArt

@Patricia Taylor hope your life was so wonderful ❤️

Patricia Taylor

@Veronica Velasquez No one should say they want to be old - life goes fast enough and soon you will be over 70 like me. :) Enjoy today! :)

Veronica Velasquez

I want to be old :v

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