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Iron Man 3
Brian Tyler Lyrics

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Dat boi

Superman: dont worry because i am here
People: who are you
Superman: im superman
How do i know your Superman

Ironman:im here no need to worry
People: oh thanks iron man
Superman: how do he know your name
Iron man: im made out of iron and im a man simple actually

Stan Lee: your always my favorite Excelsior

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Súp Heo

- Jarvis, target extremis heat signatures, disable with extreme prejudice
- Yes sir!

Jun Ren Ong

@Kay Lam CCSS The complicated relationship between USA and the ISIS .......
Also the allies kind of to be blamed partially to start the WW2 because of the one sided Treaty of Versailles.

Kay Lam CCSS

We create our own demons.

Winged BluJ

You can take away my house... All my tricks and toys... But the one thing you'll never take from me... I am Iron Man.

Nor Hafizan Mohd Nor

Epic line in the movie!

Will Magnuson

Take em to church


i'm just thinking here on how many jobs this movie provided for people to get a living. that's pretty cool

Aryan Wirawan

Just for a few people who have talent and education.

Reynaldo Raymundo

That's why it's too expensive to produce a film.

Cade Southern

Hmm I've never thought of it like that. That's cool.

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